Family Halloween Costume 2017

October 31, 2017


I swore last year was it. I just said let the kids pick their costumes and keep it easy this year. But then! After our boys’ suggested Star Wars, I ironically stumbled on a whole slew of costumes on sale at a consignment store in all the right sizes……it seemed like the force wanted it to happen.;)

Gabe and I don’t love dressing up, but we do it for our kids hoping it contributes to some good memories for them.

Happy Halloween from the Liesemeyer Crew!
Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, Rey, stormtrooper, Yoda, and little ewok

(Here’s to being one day closer to the Christmas season. )


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  • Keep doing it! Haha, I look forward to your family’s costume every year!! 🙂

  • Anne McClure


  • I don’t like dressing up either, but — hey, for the kid right?

  • Love it! My husband and I have been in a Star Wars kick lately, if we had dressed up this year that’s what we might have done 🙂 maybe next year! And I love your last line, Thanksgiving/Christmas season starts tomorrow!

  • You guys look amazing! Happy Halloween!


  • Just perfect ! I can only imagine the time it took to “just get dressed” but you’re right…the kids will gave those memories and WE get to admire your hard work ??! Have a great Halloween ?!

  • Ohh I love this! Haha kids make the holidays so much fun.

  • love this!! your family costumes are the CUTEST!!

  • We have done family costumes about 5 times (our oldest is 10) and they are some of the most talked about memories!! So great right?! We did star wars one year too! That was probably one of their favorite and I think the following year was a family costume break year and the boys reused their star wars. I just finished reading the Hobbit aloud and this year we were goin to try for that as a family. But goodness that was going to get expensive even if I made/thrifted a lot. Sooo, the kids agreed to use your inspiration and be a circus!! I thought the older boys would think it wasn’t as exciting but they had sooo much fun and loved it!! My husband had a great time too! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Ashley I love that! We just finished reading aloud the Hobbit too. ha ha! Parallel lives;) It’s always a success when you can think of a theme that everyone is on board with!

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