DIY: Color Stretch Watchbands

This brilliant DIY was submitted by my lovely sister Jana. She found a gold watch with interchangeable bands at Aldo, but wasn’t crazy about the bands. So here is what we came up with..

I have loved seeing all these fun elastic wrist bands being sold everywhere, so why not work them into watch bands? You can also do this with any trim you choose. I used one of my favorite braided trim headbands that had gotten stretched out, and turned it into the wristband below.
Elastics or trims (like here or here)
Gold Watch Face (found mine at Aldo)
Gold chain links 
Lobster Clasps
Hot glue gun or liquid stitch
1. Measure out your elastic to wrap around your wrist 2-3times + 1/2 inch to fold over on ends.
2. Wrap the ends around the chain links and glue. Hand stitch to secure for long term.
3. Add lobster clasp and loop the band through the watch face.
I now have several watchbands to match the mood of the week;)
Kind of want to get these polka dot bands. Or maybe even lace elastic.
P.S. So sorry for being a terrible blog friend lately. My inbox needs a manager;) Just trying to get through the next week! And btw, Don’t gorget to check out the amazing 2000 FB fans giveaway!

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  1. these are so cute!
    Tina @ http://Www.Tinacious.Me

  2. Presh! I love ’em!!!!

  3. Yep you are a crafting genius! This is SO awesome. Your photo styling always blows me away as well!

  4. What a great idea! And, all the bright colors are perfect for summer.

  5. So loving this idea Anna! This sounds so silly, but my best friend and I became obsessed with the idea of a wrap watch after seeing Kirsten Dunst’s character wear one in the movie Wimbeldon. I have been on the look out for one I love ever since. This is a great DIY solution. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A really wonderful Idea Anna!

    2012 Artist Series featuring the gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

    Art by Karena

  7. What an easy and pretty DIY! I love that these are interchangeable! Thanks Anna!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  8. Great idea Anna!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  9. You are seriously the most inspiring diy-er in the blogging world! Thanks!

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  10. Seriously love this idea! A polka dot band would be great!


  11. love this :)
    where did you get the elastic bands from?

  12. this is genius. i can never find watches to find my wrist. maybe this will work. love them!


  13. this is such a cute diy!! i’ll have to pull out an old watch and try this out :-)

  14. I love this Anna! I have a watch that needs a new band…I’ll be giving this whirl this weekend.

  15. Genius!!! What a fun look!

  16. This is such an awesome idea!!! I’m kind of a DIY-idiot but this looks like something even I can do! And I’ve seen these bands all over the place, too. Yay!

  17. Oh and yet another great DIY! I love the one in the last picture.


  18. brilliant! i know what i’m doing as soon as exams are over

  19. Oh I love this idea Anna. Love that is a great option to add a pop of neon or color without having to take a big plunge like jeans or a shirt.

  20. That is so funky! What a brilliant way to switch up a look. You guys are one crafty, creative family!! I always see watches in the clearance bins, and the biggest thing that puts me off is the band…now I can salvage the face of the watch and make something new. Awww, sweet inspiration :) xox

  21. So pretty, Anna! I love it.

  22. Just fab – such a great DIY Anna! Hope your busy day is also super-lovely!

  23. These are so cool, I’ve wanted to do something like this with ribbon for ages, but haven’t been able to find the right kind of clock face. But I will one day!!

  24. Very cool! Love the braided version!


  25. Love the bright colors and the idea of a watchband to suit your mood (and any outfit).

  26. great diy! and the bands add such a good pop of color!

  27. So cute! This is a fab DIY Anna! Love the look.

  28. I love this!!
    That watch face is so gorgeous too!
    I am totally gonna keep this in mind when looking for a new watch!!


  29. I love your watch. Have to try this.


  30. Pretty cool Anna!

  31. Pretty cool Anna!

  32. Brilliant! You are always coming up with the best stuff! =)

  33. Love your blog! You have great style, count me as your newest follower!

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  34. Oh I have to try this!

  35. So fun + creative!

  36. love this! so simple and fun! YAY for sisters!


  37. What a fun DIY! I have so many watches I don’t even wear. This would be a great way to make them feel new again! (As soon as I get the batteries replaced… )

  38. hey now, that is super cool! Jana knows her stuff – clever sisters of the year award much?

    adore the color choices for the bands too, i haven’t worn a watch in years but have been eyeing one to buy recently. thanks for the added insp, this is totally do-able. love it! ♥

  39. i am obsessed with your DIY jewelry!! love each and everyone one of them – made the leather fringe necklaces the other day, over breakfast might i add, and have received non-stop compliments on them.

  40. Love this!
    Good Job Anna!

  41. These are great! Question though… does the lobster claw go on the gold link? I’m not quite sure how the band attaches after you wrap it around your wrist?

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