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Navy Nail Polish

Style Queue: Navy Nails + Weekend Links

September 20, 2013

Navy Nail Polish

Navy Polish | IHOD

After the last color play post, I went out to pick up that perfect navy polish. Its been fun having a new color to wear that goes with everything I put on. After scouting out all the navy polishes Ulta had to offer, I went with Incognito in Sausalito by OPI… has a nice ring to it, eh? It really hits a good balance between the black navy’s and the too blue navy’s. So that’s that friends.

What are your weekend plans?? We are hoping to head up to the Georgia mountains to go apple picking this weekend while the weather is a perfect 70 degrees. Here’s hoping!

Links you may want to hit up:

Amen’s lifestyle blog I regularly read. (And so does Gabe:))

A mini projector?? Photography lovers check this out!

Favorite ankle boots for fall.

Creature Comforts opened a print shop, and I am smitten.

Flora and Henri’s fall line for littles…mini perfection.

Kate’s latest messy bun/braid tutorial for medium hair is brilliant.

This post facebook free life resulted in me “cutting down on mental clutter” and logging into my personal FB page less. Good food for thought!

P.S. I am doing some research for our upcoming Brand Market workshop and made an 8 questions survey on the topic of social media. Would love your help if you have a minute! 

Hello May

Hello May.

May 3, 2013

Hello May{image source}

Here is a round up of noteworthy news and finds I have to share with my best peeps!:

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Lovely Indeed shared a fantastic DIY party prop.

Cameron Lyle is the type of news story we should hear about more often.

Soon to be Downton Abbey Clothing line? #imean

First listen to She & Him: Vol. 3 – loving the retro vibe.

My Catholic friends will appreciate that Pope JPII is going to be canonized. He is a personal hero of mine, so I am tempted to hop a plane to Rome in October to be a part of the history.

Suddenly I have an urgent need for PVC pipes.

Additional 25% off sale items at J.Crew. (Always wait for the sale on sale;))

Gabe and I are trying to get out to see this movie over the weekend. Will you be watching?

Em Henderson’s 5 Tips to a Timeless Childrens room.

Audrey Hepburn would have been 84 tomorrow. Stumbled across this image I hadn’t seen before:)


Hope you enjoy your weekend friends! And hello May, you are one of my very faves.



Style from Dubai with Amy Fohr

January 18, 2013

1      I asked Amy of Leopard and Lillies to visit today and share a little more about her style with all of you (because obviously, she has got it!). I love the variety of fashion she works into her looks all the way in Dubai! Thank you for being a guest Amy..

         Do you go by fashion rules, or tend to create your own?

I am a rule breaker; I love mixing black and navy together, wearing white after Labor Day, and think wearing sequins and glitter is always appropriate.

      What would be your top 3 layering tips for the winter months?

Living in Dubai, UAE our temperatures don’t get much cooler than 60 degrees, so thankfully I’m use to lots of light layers.  Either tanks and cardigans or button downs and sweaters. 

      Do you have a current favorite color combination? 

Black & Tan, I love the idea of mixing those two colors together. 

      What is an item you think every girl should have in her closet?

A pair of great fitting, you feel sexy jeans.  They can be any fit you feel comfortable in, but must be jeans that make you feel like you can take on the world!!!

         How do you gage what pieces work best for your body type?

I’m quiet tall and lanky, so I tend to favor items that have more shape in them otherwise I can look quiet shapeless.   

Keep up with Amy Here:
Happy weekend friends!

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