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September 20, 2013

Navy Nail Polish

Navy Polish | IHOD

After the last color play post, I went out to pick up that perfect navy polish. Its been fun having a new color to wear that goes with everything I put on. After scouting out all the navy polishes Ulta had to offer, I went with Incognito in Sausalito by OPI… has a nice ring to it, eh? It really hits a good balance between the black navy’s and the too blue navy’s. So that’s that friends.

What are your weekend plans?? We are hoping to head up to the Georgia mountains to go apple picking this weekend while the weather is a perfect 70 degrees. Here’s hoping!

Links you may want to hit up:

Amen’s lifestyle blog I regularly read. (And so does Gabe:))

A mini projector?? Photography lovers check this out!

Favorite ankle boots for fall.

Creature Comforts opened a print shop, and I am smitten.

Flora and Henri’s fall line for littles…mini perfection.

Kate’s latest messy bun/braid tutorial for medium hair is brilliant.

This post facebook free life resulted in me “cutting down on mental clutter” and logging into my personal FB page less. Good food for thought!

P.S. I am doing some research for our upcoming Brand Market workshop and made an 8 questions survey on the topic of social media. Would love your help if you have a minute! 

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  • loved that article on facebook and could totally relate to the “low-grade” stressors. i have gotten to the point where i only use it for my blog which feels manageable. side note: it is on the TOP of my fall fun to-do list to go apple picking. i have never done it! let’s please get together sometime. would love to chat!!

  • Facebook was one of the things I cut out during lent last year. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about going back off. I can say that I honestly was much happier. I compared myself, my children, etc. to others less and had much more time in my days. It was hard to not stay in touch with certain people, though. I tried to remind myself that if we don’t stay in touch OFF Facebook it probably isn’t a real deep friendship to begin with, but it was still hard 🙂

  • I am loving the navy nail trend for Fall! Then again I tend to gravitate towards darker colors during the Fall/Winter Season. 🙂 I have my eye on Essie’s Midnight Cami and NARS BLKR navy polishes. But I may have to try the Incognito. Thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend sweetie.

  • Love the navy nails! I just bought some navy nail polish myself!! Great links – I also love the new shop by Creature Comforts! Also, just filled out your survey 🙂

  • This is a gorgeous shade of Navy! Looks great on you 🙂

  • Such a perfect shade of navy. Have a good weekend! xo Heidi

  • filled out the survey! 70 sounds amazing!! Idaho is already feeling to Fall for my liking! 🙂

  • Navy polish?! Nice!!! I will definitely have to try that. And those boots really are fantastic.

  • Totally head over heels in love with that polish. I am definitely going to have to share that menswear blog with my husband. Too perfect!

  • I can’t get enough navy polish lately. I’ve already been wearing it for a couple of weeks. I went for “After School Boy Blazer” by Essie.

  • That really is the perfect navy nail color! Thanks for finding it for me. I love it with this yellow.

    I’m going to put some metallic silver tips on my nails with this color to go with my navy/metallics deal. =]

  • You share such great things – I loved them all!

  • I bought some navy polish on the weekend too. It feels slightly badass. I love dark colours for nails…its my one goth tendency?

  • Love! I’m swapping out my usual fall black nailpolish for navy this year 🙂

  • i love the nails a lot, and great link roundup! i’m going to read the FB one. I think I kill too much time on that thing and its not even that interesting!

  • I love that polish! I have a navy polish that’s a bit bluer than that. It’s so much fun to wear.

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