Blog Crawl: Big City Dreams to a Small Town Reality

October 4, 2010

Thank you Beth for asking me to participate in this year’s blog crawl. This one really made me think! Trying to turn my life into an open book…intimidating! But somehow I had some major realizations come to mind! Here is a little snapshot of my life as an open book…..




Life will never slow down so you only have to make the most of each day that is given to you. 
I woke up recently to realize that if I die tomorrow I would die a happy person….
The things I love in life such as design, art, photography, food, fashion, travel, etc. etc. etc. are all things I would give up forever if I could just have my husband, children, family, and faith. Take those away and my life would be insignificant. Being in a small simple town and being cut off from many of my favorite things has given me this epiphany of sorts;) So I realize that if my life’s story read only these characters in its pages, it would be a book that I was proud of. 

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Thanks for reading my story:D

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