Three Years.

June 28, 2011

Last night my husband and I watched “Return to Me” as a tradition to bring in our anniversary. Its one of our all time favorite movies. One of my favorite lines of the movie is when the grandpa tells David Duchovny that “her heart truly started beating for the first time” when she met you. This has always been the way I felt about my husband. Sorry, I know getting sappy. We stayed up late talking and reflecting on the last three years. We both agreed that there is really no way of knowing to what capacity your vows really mean on the day of your wedding. Each day the vows we committed to each other have only grown in meaning and understanding. I can honestly say I love this man more deeply know than on our wedding day, and I know it will only grow deeper.

When you are dating and fall in love, there are not many life experiences under your belt. After going through serious sickness, losing loved ones, moving across the country, and having two babies, you would say it could really test the strength of your relationship. It is in each of those times though that I realized why I married my husband. Strong, selfless, devoted, faithful, and more loving than I feel I deserve. Its in the day to day life that I fall hard for him. Changing diapers, cleaning the kitchen, store runs….its those little things he does for me to help that I never thought could be so romantic;)

All in all, I am humbled to be married to such a stud. I woke up this morning with a large bouquet of fresh cut flowers by my bedside, and it took everything in me not to shed tears of gratitude for our marriage, our children, and the joy that has come with it. God is good. Oh….and what did I get him?? I finally compiled and ordered our wedding album:) But shhh….its a surprise!

P.S. All our incredible photography was done none other than our friends TimWill Photography

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