Birthday Blessings

June 22, 2011

I woke up this morning and got to spend some time snuggling with little Veronica. It was going to be a good day already. When I turned to get out of bed I saw this pretty little box on my nightstand….

My husband picked out a beautiful little birthday surprise for me. (Despite my pleas for no gifts this year!) I went to thank him and found him cooking me quite the breakfast…. I was so grateful in that moment that God had given me someone that continually shows me selfless and unconditional love. 
This year I am thankful…..
…for two healthy children with squishy cheeks and smiles that make the sun rise.
….for a husband who works hard for our family and never thinks of himself.
….for a house over our heads and jobs to provide.
….for family and friends to learn from, be inspired by, and grow with. 
…for a God who is much greater than my meager mind, 
and who never fails to demonstrate his love in my life.

Looking forward to the years to come. Cheers!

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