August 24, 2011

Megan, thanks for having me in your lovely space! When I think about what defines me, it is tough to narrow down. Such a deep question! Faith and family are on the top of my list. Here are a few more fun things that really make up a big part of who I am:)

I think motherhood is one of the greatest gifts God allows a woman, and I feel so honored to have this privilege. It isn’t always easy, but your heart never is so full as it is when you look at your children. Their  smiles are the spark in my eye. My husband and I share a lot of laughter because of them.

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The outdoors is what I crave after a stressful day, or when I want to just find peace and have some fun. A drink on the porch, a bike ride, time near the water….. it is unbeatable!
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My sister teases me for being Rainbow Brite:) I am always drawn to bright and bold colors. I guess its because it gives so much life and energy. These are a few favorites I saw recently.
I’d be interested to know things that define or influence who you are!

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