Little Finds: Vol. 2

December 8, 2011

Here is my second round up of fun finds for the little ones I found on Wayfair. Hope to do more of these in the future! Its nice to hear from other mamas what their top choices are! I learn from you gals!
1. Giraffe Babymat – This is going on the wishlist for our next little one. Soft, plush, and safe for the new babies, as well as a great lounge mat for when they are older!
2. My First Piano – My son is really into musical instruments right now. Drums, xylophone, harmonica, you name it! When I saw this I immediately thought of him and how much he would enjoy this. I love to encourage music and art at the toddler age because its so beneficial for their cognitive development.
3. Chalk Table – I have this dream of having an entire room dedicated to art for the kids. I don’t think you can do too much music and art when they are young. Gabriel has been sitting at the table for hours lately painting, coloring, playing with play-dough, etc. He would probably never want to leave this table.
4. Alphabet Nesting Blocks – I can’t say enough good things about these stacking blocks. After seeing Gabriel play with them at an early age and learning to stack the blocks as well as practice his ABC’s on them, I started giving these as gifts to friends as well. They are easy to stack, easy to story, and are super affordable (on sale for 9$!).
5. Skiphop Bib – Now that Veronica has discovered cheerios, we are on our way to table foods;) After doing way too much laundry last week filled solely with her clothes caked in biscuits and cheerios, I decided it was time to get a few of these bibs. Large, water resistant, and has a catch all food pocket. Score!
6.  Wooden Tea Set – I am counting down the days till I can have a tea party with Veronica. I think I might have to get more than one tea set. I love wooden toys and how durable they are, so this tea set I could actually have tea in;) And then of course, we will have to get a Little Play Kitchen to go with!
7. Boon Odd Ducks – Considering Rubber Duckies are a classic bath toy that 99% of American kids own, why not a set of bright bold patterned ones?? These are obviously right up my alley;) Veronica actually uses our rubber ducks as teething toys these days…
Hope you enjoyed this little round up! I’d love to here your children’s faves!

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