Little Finds: Joules Rainboots + Giveaway

June 19, 2013

Little Finds - Joules

Joules Rain Boots
Joules-Rain Boots
Little Finds - Joules Wellies  Little Finds | Joules
We had the strangest weather pattern yesterday. It was stormy and sunny, on and off all day long. I love a good summer storm tough. It comes strong and leaves quick. My little Veronica and Gabriel love them as well. They are like mini music boxes, and have songs for every occasion. As soon as it starts raining, I hear Veronica:
“Rain rain go away, come again. Rain rain go away, come again.”
Gabriel chimes in with: “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops or what a rain that would be…!”

They also have this thing with rain boots. Its the preferred shoe of choice…at all times….even if its 90 degrees and sunny. Last week I got to show them their new ones from Joules Clothing. A lot of emphatic and enthusiastic expressions ensued. They were a hit as you may have guessed. Gabriel’s boots had sharks on them…enough said. Veronica made sure to tell me that they were “pretty mama!” as she slipped her little feet inside. You have to check out the other girls rain boots. So adorable. ( So impressed with the quality as well. )

These boots have now been tested and approved. Running around in the house, exploring the backyard, dancing in the kitchen….you get the picture.  We decided to stroll outside in between lightening and thunder yesterday to put them to their real use. Love watching these two little ones together. Always up to something:)

Joules Clothing is so generously offering an IHOD reader their choice of rain boots (for adults or children!). You will die over all the options. Good luck choosing a fave! Enter easily through rafflecopter below:)

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*This post is sponsored by Joules and is %100 my own opinion.

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