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January 15, 2014

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Gabriel } IHOD
^^ It took all efforts of co-ordination for him to try to show us his new wink and point trick.^^

Welkin NYC } IHOD


I keep a written journal of things my children have been saying, what their newest milestone is, and reflections I go through as a mother. I hope they can read it one day and know just how much I love them no matter how stubborn they can be at times;)

Some recently said favorites…

Gabriel: Mom, I can’t feed Max. Only mom can feed Max.
Me: Yep, that is right.
Gabriel: You have bottles on your stomach. Gaber (he still talks in third person at times) doesn’t have bottles on his stomach, so I can’t feed him.
Me: Stunned and impressed silence.

Gabriel (currently 4yrs old): When I was 7, I went to Colorado and was small like a baby like Max.
Me: No sweetie, you have never been 7 before. You will be 7 after 5 and 6.
Gabriel: No mom, I was seven a while ago, you just don’t bremember.
Me: Okay sure.

Gabriel on Christmas Eve: Mommy, when I go to sleep is Santa Claus going to come on our roof?
Me: Maybe.. if you have been a good boy!
Gabriel: Is dad going to throw open the windows and tear open the sash?
Me: ….sounds familiar.

Gabriel: Veronica, if you don’t buckle your seatbelt, you will get boring. (Still trying to figure this one out…)

Veronica is all sass and facial expressions lately. I am starting to hear myself through her 2 year old high pitched voice…

Veronica: Mom, stop talkin’! You no say that to me! (With a serious scowled brow.)
Me: Mouth on the floor.

Veronica: Gaber! You no sharin’! You go in time out! (Shoes on backwards, hands on hips.)

Veronica: Baby Maaaa-aaax. Hi sweet girl!

Veronica: Gaber, look at my new dressed!
Gabriel: Wooowww, that is so beautiful Pookie! (He’s an affirmer.)

Just a few gems for the day.

And by the by, my super sweet friends started a new children’s line that you must check out. Their sneak peeks are killing me! You can keep up with their instagram fun here. Veronica INSISTS on wearing this shirt every. single. day. I have to wash it while she is sleeping. I make her wear dresses on Sunday, but other than that, I fight my battles elsewhere;)

x, Anna

Gabriel // Tee: Welkin NYC c/o //Jeans: Gap via Thred Up // Vest: Old Navy // Shoes: Gap (similar)
Veronica: Tee: Welkin NYC c/o // Leggings: Old Navy // Jacket: Old Navy // Shoes: Old Navy // Bow: Kinder Companie
Anna: Tee: Target (the softest most durable kind) // Jacket: F21 (similar) //Jeans: Henry and Belle c/o // Flats: Gap (similar)



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  • They look so happy in these photos! I love their sweet expressions, and of course, their quotes! Some of those made me laugh! So glad you’re writing them all down 🙂

  • Love it all!

  • These quotes are so cute! Kids say the cutest and funniest things!

  • I love how she’s looking up at him in the first of those series of pics! What a special relationship they have!

  • so cute. all of you.

  • loved reading this! kids always say the cutest things..i bet them keep you super entertained!

  • Awww, I love this so much Anna!!! Those kiddos are too precious! And little “plum cheeks” is growing up so fast! The other day Andy said “Mama, I want to drive a zero turn lawn mower”. I was like “what the?” (fyi, we still live in an apartment with no grass to mow). The kid just turned two and knows more about lawn mowers then putting a spoon in his mouth. baffling to me and such a gift to cherish in my heart. Max and Henry are not too far apart in age and don’t you just want to hold onto every second of their ‘babyhood’, knowing how fast it goes by. sigh.

  • Anna! These are so funny!

    Ryan just turned two and has started saying some gems. When I was explaining that Chris had to go to work to provide for us and buy things like food he said, “Dad go to work! Dad buy food! Dad bring Pot-le! (Chipotle)” Ha! You can tell what we love to eat …

    I love photos of you and your children. A beautiful mama.

  • Oh, goodness, Ana! These kids are just so adorable!
    Kids these days are so smart. Even though they speak some really crazy things at times, it still makes so much sense. =)

  • They are too cute! I love the pic where V is looking up at her big brother… melts my heart.

  • these are so funny!! i can’t WAIT til wesley starts talking, i already know it will be good!

  • This post is my absolute favorite! Such little cuties!

  • So cute! And the bottles on the stomach is too funny!

  • Oh boy, they are SO adorable!

  • Oh the things that come out of their sweet little mouths! I guess that’s why I knew I could never work full time; I just couldn’t imagine not being the one that gets to listen to them all day long! You look wonderful, by the way! Hope all is well and maybe next time you’re in town, we’ll get a play-date in!

  • so cute–love that Gabe calls himself “Gaber” 🙂

  • That is so cute! Your children are GORGEOUS! Hope you have a great day. 🙂

  • my 3 yr old is always telling us about “last day” when she was 100, or when she was a little baby like her brother or when she was some other arbitrary age… definitely makes you wonder about past lives! 😉

  • How sweet are they?! And I love this idea of writing things down. My Mom started a book with her thoughts and feelings along the way, but didn’t get very far. I wish she would have kept with it!

  • That was a good read, the bottles on the chest and you not remembering him being 7 are so so cute. I just read a lot of the other ladies comments and kinda makes me miss having a young child at home (my kids are teenagers now). Isn’t motherhood grand!

  • Well there is nothing about this post that I don’t love. I mean having shared photo shoot space with your kiddos I can picture this entire dialogue happening. And I love Gabe’s point & wink…not sure I could even master that one. Give Pookie kisses from me! xo Mandy @waitingonmartha

  • hi! i’m so curious about these jeans… how’s the fit? did you have to get them hemmed? i’d love to see them on you when you’re not sitting down… (a lot of requests, i know.)

    that aside – your kids are adorable. i have two myself (13 and 2.5) and i look forward to their hilarious quips, every day.

  • The pics are priceless!! The journal is great! I hope when I have kids I take the time to do little things like that for both them and me to look back on. So sweet!


  • Such heart melting words to read from your little ones. It’s fascinating the way they think and proceed things. Also I can’t help but say that I appreciate the way you love your kids and keep the balance with the blog (I mean not love the blog more than your kids, which is common to see these days – hope I make sense).
    Have a great weekend Anna !

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