Golden Globes One of a Kind Red Carpet Style

January 13, 2014

I go into award shoes with low expectations. I watch merely to see who is wearing what, and usually don’t watch the actual award show. However, The Golden Globes this year were thoroughly entertaining! Everything was humorous whether it was intended to be or not, and I think most people will agree that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host The Golden Globes every go around:)

There are always dress mishaps and unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions (poor Robin), but there were an equal share of women who chose didn’t let the gown they wore outshine their natural beauty. Instead of loud dresses and extreme opulence, the underlying tone this year was minimalism. I don’t think anyone even wore a statement necklace (besides Sofia Vergara).  Some of the best dressed stars were in simple cut black and white gowns and an occasional bold color. Case in point…

Cate-Blanchett-Golden-Globes-2014 (image source)

Bam! That is how you wow the red carpet! Cate Blanchett must have gotten wind of the fact she would be winning Best Actress. She was as regal as they come, so when she accepted her award, no one was distracted by what she wore, but rather it complimented the elegant glow she transmitted. Exactly what a dress should do! Thus, she is my pick for One of a Kind Red Carpet Style. Here are a few more black and white selections from the night…

black and white
image source)
Why Jennifer Lawrence chose a pixie cut on the cusp of Miley Madhouseness is beyond me, but she did look stunning, and was as genuine as we all hoped she would be. Some of my other favorite simple cut and stunning gowns included Lupita Nyong’o and Olivia Wilde (most radiant mother to be!). What about you? Who did you vote best dressed??

Well, I received a challenge to create a daytime look reflecting this year’s trends, and here is what I came with…

Contrast Panel Coat - IHOD

Black and White | IHODContrast Panel Coat } In Honor of Design

Black and White - IHOD

Contrast PanelCoat: c/o Sheinside // Skirt: Maple Boutique // Necklace: Gift (similar) // Boots: Sam Edelman //Clutch: (similar)
And in case you were googling where to find Meryl Streep’s amazing specs. Look no further. I did my homework. (Try here or here.)

Pulling from the simple cuts and black and white memo, I put together a look that most gals can relate to. Modern touch to the classic colors. Dressy enough for dinner and fun enough for a party, while maintaining a minimalist theme:) (I did the 5 Step Messy Twist for hair.) I can’t seem to step away from black and white this year despite my love for color. (In fact, Julie Bowen’s dress was not received well last night, but I loved it.) The good thing is, black and white forever and always will be stylish and the pieces you add to your wardrobe in these colors compliment all their lovely neighbors in the closet!
Would love to hear your favorite picks of the night!

x, Anna

P.S. Please tell me you saw the best moment of the night?

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  • I love your description of this show!!! Cate was exceptional – as usual – and I just LOVE Jennifer Lawrence! She’s gorgeous and HERSELF! Great post Anna! šŸ™‚

  • LUPITA nailed it.

  • I missed the GG and definitely need to browse through the gowns today! Thanks for sharing your favorites! Btw, love your black and white look, I love how the skirt pops out just a tad from the coat. It looks so cute!

  • You are so spot on abut black and white!

    Although I didn’t love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, I loved everything else about her (did you see those earrings?! And that gif is HILARIOUS).

    I think my favorite look was Amy Adams in her color-blocked gorgeousness. Lupita and Maria Menounos were also pretty on point in the color category.

  • With all the classic beauty I was thrilled to see Emma Watson going a little avant garde. I was also thrilled to see Lena Dunham looking fantastic in a bright pop of yellow. She must have finally found a stylist that appreciates some curves. I think Olivia Wilde was stunning too. But I agree that Cate Blanchett took the cake.

    I love your dress, what a beautiful piece.

  • Love your look! I also did a Golden Globes recap – with inspiration for every day outfits! Check it out!

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Cate Blanchett was my favorite from the evening as well. She always takes a risk in the best way possible. And I am loving your coat!!

  • Love the look you put together! Beautiful and tasteful!

  • You channeled the black and white look perfectly! I say minimal all the way with the dresses, and there were so many fantastic ones! I really really loved the first dresses that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wore for the opening monologue. They looked fantastic!

    • Thanks Jessica! YES! Their opening numbers were perfect!! They really made the show this year. “Its the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

  • you looked great! i loved cate’s dress too!

  • I loved how you tied in the Golden Globes with a minimal style post, fun! I adored Olivia Wilde’s emerald green look myself, but find that when I dress I look like you. Lots of black and white and I love the ease of a minimal shape.

  • What a great post! I loved how you tied the Golden Globes in with your outfit post. I too was drawn to the more minimal gowns. Olivia Wilde was my best dressed maternity and I honestly loved Diane Keaton even though a tuxedo look is a bit expected from her.

    • Thanks Hannah! I completely agree. Olivia was breathtaking! And yes Diane has earned the right to wear whatever she wants…kind of like Julia Roberts. Even if it isn’t a hit, everyone still applaudes;)

  • Oh dear, you definitely got my very favourite ones! Award season is always so exciting and inspiring!
    And your outfit just looks so beautiful and award winning may i say!

  • lookin’ good, lady! lovely outfit!

  • Cate was undoubtedly the BEST dressed! Loved her dress, she is stunning. Also, love how you styled your outfit.

  • I must say that I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie hair. Looks fresh and modern. She now looks less cute and more “wow!”

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