Rachel Bilson Inspired: Rhinestone Trim Shirt

January 12, 2012

I saw this cover of Rachel Bilson for Nylon Magazine, and thought it was such a fantastic ensemble. She is one of my favorite fashionistas because she pulls everything together so effortlessly without ever revealing too much. This shirt is a really easy DIY that doesn’t take much time, and is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe:)
Since this is not a shirt that will have much life span, don’t go and use your nicest white button down.
Your Supplies:
White Button down or polo (mine thrifted for 4$)
Black Ribbon (I used a wider grosgrain ribbon that best fit the trim of my shirt)
Multi-shape Rhinestones (I used two packs from Hobby Lobby for a total of $3.50)
Hem Tape
Glue Gun
Total Cost of the shirt: 8$ 
Now being a crafter I had the ribbon, hem tape, and glue gun so you can calculate cost accordingly.
1.) Pre-measure your ribbon along the front side of your shirt. 
(I singed the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.)
2) Place hem tape along the edge (avoid button holes so that the shirt can still button), and iron the ribbon over to secure. If you don’t have hem tape, hot glue would work.
3.) Place rhinestones in random order along the ribbon using hot glue until you reach the end of the shirt. If you don’t plan on wearing it untucked, only place them till you reach the waistline.
Style your shirt the way you wish and you are done!

There are so many color options you could do for this if you wanted to create a different look. Please not e that this shirt will not endure the washing machine and would need to be hand washed!
 Totally easy and fun to wear! Be sure and share your photos on the IHOD FB page if you try this project! I would love to see them!

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