Take3: The Sunny 16 Rule, Lenses, and Free Photoshop Actions!

January 11, 2012

I took a few semesters of photography in college, and we went over darkroom, aperture, lenses and lighting, etc. However, since we got our new camera last year, I have yet to sit down and read the manuel on how to work a DSLR. Its a whole new world I need to master. 
{via redbubble}
I am definately a visual learner so this image immediately caught my attention. Its an easy way to translate what f-stop your camera should be on when you are snapping your subject.
Also for those of you looking to take your photography to the next step, this is a great post on how to choose a lens for your camera.
Also, I get a lot of questions on what I do to my photos. I use photoshop actions from a range of places. The pioneer Woman’s set was the very first I ever started using. They are fantastic! You can download them here for free. Its an instant way to improve your photo. She has many other helpful tips to check out!
I think that is all I will give you for now:) You can check out more photography tips I posted here and here. I have a lot to learn myself. My husband is the one who takes most of the photos here on the blog and I do the photoshop editing. Lucky for me he is more skilled than I am…

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