June 8, 2012

If I write a goal down, I much more likely to fulfill them:) So thankful to Anna for having me as a guest, and motivating me to write down 5 things I hope to accomplish this summer….

1) Travel to a new place…maybe even a new state.

2) Write real handwritten post cards. I have had a goal all year long to write more handwritten notes. This summer, I want them to be postcards. Something so nostalgic about them:)
3) Take bike rides….lots of them. We just got a bike trailor than can even fit both of my babies in so we can have family bike rides. Maybe I should get a bike basket to make it a real show.

4) Explore my city. Atlanta has so many mom & pop shops, restaurants, and spectacular parks. I loved this journal to record the expeditions.
5) Do something unexpected. Its always good to venture outside of your comfort zone and grow spiritually, mentally, or challenge yourself physically. I am not sure what I will do yet, but I am excited to jump:)

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