21 Dates of Summer- Date 3: Book Hunting + Trader Joe’s

June 20, 2012

Before we were dating in college, a small group of us friends would plan study time at Barnes and Noble. It would always involve a lot of laughter and ruckus. I dared Gabe once to take a few books and pretend to trip and fall in front of the middle clerk desk. I cried laughing because he pulled it off quite successfully, and the clerk’s reaction was priceless. Gabe earned major points that day.
We still love to visit used book stores and Barnes and Noble – we both have an appreciation for a good hard copy book, and consider it treasure hunting…

(We had to check the table of contents in Sherlock Holmes collection to make sure it had all the greats before we decided to take it home..)
(indulging in my favorite find;))
(Dark chocolate covered cranberries – approved)
Trader Joe’s is 30 minutes a way so if we pass it, we simply have to go inside and find loot. 
We ended the night with Trader Joe’s potstickers (amazing) and a movie.
The next date is for my birthday this weekend, so he has a surprise up his sleeve.
Dying of curiosity.
Happy mid-week to you all!

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