21 Dates of Summer: Dates 13 & 14

August 22, 2012

Sometimes, the best kind of date is when you get your favorite junk food (ice cream of course), grab your comfiest blankets, pile them up on the floor, and cozy up to an old classic. Lucky for me, Gabe is a movie guru who always finds a good flick on netflix. This time, he let me pick. Obviously, I chose Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn version). We both fell asleep half way through in our makeshift campsite on our living room floor. I hope we can still do this when we are old and grey (mind you more pillows and maybe a matress will be required then). Also, this date means no babysitter, and its absolutely free:)
We couldn’t find our lantern, so candles did the trick;)
Its always cool to explore your city. Atlanta had their annual Piedmont Park Arts Festival, so we checked out some local artists, and tried a few new food vendors. Popcorn in 20 something flavors was a huge hit amongst the crowds….and with us.
I would love to hear and see some of your fun summer dates, so if you post about one make sure and tune in for the final date post of this series. I will be having a link up:) 
Happy Wednesday!

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