21 Dates of Summer: Dates 11 and 12

August 15, 2012

Its no secret that Gabe and I love good grub, so our last two dates were to test out some local spots. We share a mutual obsession with guacamole. The best we ever had was on our honeymoon in Cabo where they had giant plates full for $5.00. Since being back in Atlanta, we have been testing guacamole at various Mexican restaurants to find the best guac. We still have a few places to check out, but Tin Lizzy’s is on the top of our list so far. Served in a tin with seasoned crispy chips, their guacamole had just the right kick…..killer. Not to mention the rest of the food served was pretty fantastic. This is a well known popular place to go in the Buckhead/Atlanta area, so there is always a wait. Gabe and I managed to get beautiful weather and minimal wait for back patio seating on a Saturday night. A miracle.
(The one blurry photo we got together- notice a difference on Gabe from the last dates? 😉
(Top c/o Sheinside, Ring and Shades: HM)
Our next goal was to try out a local hole in the wall that was rumored to have amazing gyros. Well folks, lets just say I was not ashamed of the sauce dribbling down my chin as I gobbled the thing down in 5. Amazingness. You would never know by looking at this joint (which is practically hidden next to a Shell gas station) that it was a pretty nice pace inside with friendly Greek waitors and the best darn gyro you can probably get in the south. 
I tell you its the local mom and pop places that turn out to be the best!
Experienced any in your area lately?

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  • You know, when it comes to Greek food, I feel like the more unassuming the place looks, the better the food is. Some of my favorite Greek places are total holes in the wall and don’t look like much from the outside. But the flavors…yowlsa! And the chips in guac from that first place look fantastic. M and I may need to starting hunting for the best in our area. Fun project! 😉

  • Yum! Guac and gyros (not together) are 2 of my favorites! Love those date ideas! We are planning a date for Mexican food this weekend and I cannot wait 🙂

  • Guacamole has to be one of the best things ever! It is so good – I think I make it about 5 times per week at our house 🙂 And those Gyros also look incredibly delicious – two good food choices!


  • You are so right! The best food always comes from the local mom and pops. We have a little BBQ joint close to our house that has the best brisket and ribs…even my Texas hubby agrees!

  • 21 Dates was such a great idea! I love Guac, I found the best guac in Miami right beside me – soooo good. They added just enough lime juice. As for local shops/restaurants – they are always the best, I think because they remember the people/service and don’t let the details slip 🙂

  • I LOVE Tin Lizzy’s! Let’s meet there on our next lunch date! I love a good Gyro, too, so I need to check that place out!

  • Trying out new places to eat is so much fun. Thanks for the great date ideas!

  • There are so many cheapie gyro places in Amsterdam! They call them donor kabobs here (same concept) and they are so cheap.

    Steven and I used to live nearby a really authentic one… trouble 🙂

    PS – your dates are just adorable!

  • So jealous of Mom and Pop food stands! Nothing like that in Dubai!

    Leopard and Lillies

  • Mmm, food-centered dates are the best! My hubby and I also share a love for food, so I love these ideas!

  • Oh my goodness!I was just up in Cumming visiting my boyfriend and we drove by the gyro place! We both love a good gyro, but I was a little skeptical by it’s appearance. But hey, just goes to show – don’t judge a book by its cover! We will most definatly be trying that place now!
    I follow your blog daily and I love all of your date posts – my bf and I have even tried a few!Just checked off the Barnes and Noble date yesterday! Thanks for posting! 🙂

    Danielle A.

  • I’m not a fan of tapas, eating them feels like so much work for so little food. But give me a greek salad anyday!

    Also gaucomole, moly, moly, moly! I would eat on my breakfast if I could.

  • mmmm Gyros…. we are unfortunately severely lacking in Gyro options in our city…. and those look delicious!

  • I love whole in the walls. I found this twitter that has all “hidden boston gems” maybe they have one for the city around you?


  • Oh these look so fun! I love that we’re in the same city so I can hunt down your good finds. Can’t wait to try that gyro! Still loving your date series 🙂

  • Both places look yummy. I love mom and pop places, they do usually have the best food! -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  • Tin Lizzy definitely reminds me of the band Thin Lizzy (a play on that, I guess?)


  • 21 Dates is such a cute concept. I love Greek food. At the moment, gyros is my favorite.

  • I love you two! I wish we lived closer. We’d be besties!

  • You two are so cute! I have loved reading about your summer dates together. We have gone on several days in search of the best pulled pork bbq 🙂 We found a local joint that we love and it is a hole in the wall but it is the best! Those kinds of dates are our favorite 🙂

  • You two are just so cute 🙂 I love the eating locally idea! We definitely need to try that.

  • I love your dates ideas! I think the small locally owned restaurants are always the best! I’ve never had a gyro though!

  • Yum! I want to eat at both of those places now 🙂
    We don’t have a gyro place here in itty bitty Dahlonega..but i would love to try this place next time we’re in A-town!
    My husband and I discovered this adorable little french cafe that only has outdoor seating. The owner is the cook & the waitress! Her chicken salad is out of this world! Definitely beats any chain restaurant experience!

  • I love that you guys have done so many fun things this summer!

  • Ooo yum. Sometimes the gem food places are the ones everyone just passes by. We used to go to this breakfast spot that looked gross, but the food was amaaaazing.

    That is a cute picture of you!


  • Aw I love Tin Lizzy’s! Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer together : )

  • It’s funny how different men look when they shave. I always tell my husband that he looks like a completely different person.

  • I’ve always been obsessed with chips and dip and guacamole is definitely one of my favorites! You two are so cute 🙂

  • Gaaaah! I miss Tin Lizzy’s…well, and a lot of other Atlanta restaurants, actually. Denver has good food, but not like Atlanta!
    Your dates are adorable BTW!



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