Inspiration Feature: Create for Hope

August 14, 2012

One of the reasons I have loved blogging, is connecting with women like Jessica. Just from the emails we have exchanged I feel like I have met a true gem of a gem. She is on fire and ready to spin off a chain of positive actions for people in need. She exemplifies my favorite motto, “Do small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa) Jessica is a stay at home mom who decided to use her passion for helping others by starting Create for Hope. Please take a moment of your day to read the full post and consider helping! It just takes a few willing hands to make a big difference right? As Jessica said, “It is time to act, to inspire, to lift, and create, in order to instill a little hope in those that need it most.”

You can read the full story of how Jessica started Create for hope here. Using a little creativity for the good of others, here is how you can help…

The first organization Create for Hope is helping: Sylvia’s Children, which was created in 2003 after Sylvia went on a humanitarian trip to Uganda. While she was there, she was asked by the head of the Mbiriizi Primary School, to be the school’s Grandmother. With 1,000 children in the school, (of which 250 are orphans due to the AIDS crisis), she was honored to accept the responsibility. Out of this Sylvia’s Children was born, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of her ‘grandchildren’; to give the children a fighting chance – through education. Their goal is to make the school totally self-sustaining so they can take this model and apply it elsewhere. They’ve built: a boys dormitory, an addition to girls dormitory, a well for fresh water, three new double classroom blocks, a new library, a building for corn milling, a playground in memory of Kasozi Moses Ten unit, teacher’s housing, and a sewing business. To see more photos, and read the full story, visit the blog.

The Goal: Create and send 1050 drawstring backpacks for the students of the organization. This only takes beginner sewing skills! Easy instructions and downloadable file here. Backpacks for all these beautiful smiles! (I remember how proud I was of my first backpack:)) If you don’t think you can make a backpack, at least consider sharing Create for Hope on Facebook, Twitter, or Blog post. Email or call a friend and rally some able hands. Have a movie party with the supplies there to work while you watch! Action will affect these lives much more than our words ever will:) 

Check out Jessica’s brand new venture, Create for Hope! :

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