DIY Leather Pocket Tee

August 8, 2012

This Leather pocket tee DIY inspiration came from a Zara Tee. It only requires beginner level sewing skills – no machine needed! I plan on added a few more pockets to a dress or shirt here and there because its so simple to do and the result is really fun:)
{Wrap Bracelet: c/o Conversation Pieces, Craftsandlove, gift from sis, Jeans: Levis, Tee: Target to DIY}
Grey Tee (Got mine for $8 at Target) 
Leather or faux leather fabric 
(This swatch I picked up from a local interior design store – often they get rid of their old swatch books for free!)
Thread and Needle
1) Pre-shrink your tee so that you can prevent unwanted wrinkling around the pocket.
2) Pre-measure and cut your pocket shape of choice out of your leather fabric. 
(It makes it easier to cut 1/2 of the pocket, fold in half, and cut around the folded edge to finish a symmetrical pocket.)
3) Hand stitch or sew along the edge with a strong needle or leather needle and thick black thread. 
Time: 15 -30 minutes (depending if you machine sew or hand stitch)
Cost: $8

Tips for sewing with leather:
Use a pliers to pull the needle in and out or you will get blisters! If its faux leather it is a thinner fabric and easier to sew.
Check often that your pocket is lined up straight with your tee so that you prevent crooked lines. 
Using a thimble might also help when you are weaving the needle in and out.
And now for a little humor, I present to you the pony tail flip (inspired by my sister Madeline)….
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You know, just letting my personality shine through here….;)

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