Up-cycle Your Cardigans: 3 Easy DIY’s

September 28, 2012

I happened upon a $1 rack of cardigans at H&M last fall….right place, right time. I grabbed a bunch, gave some to my sisters, and kept the basic colors. I realized I had not really worn them however, and I knew it was because they just needed a little more pizzaz to catch my interest on the go. So, resourcing that same scrap pile of leather swatches and trims, I decided to re-vamp, and now they are all competing for my attention.  It just takes a little here and there to make it a new fun piece. Two of these are no-sew too! Not much instructions needed for these – mainly inspiration to get creative with what you have:)

1) DIY Shoulder Patch Cardigan – Up-cycle inspired by  this lovely number from Emerson Fry’s fall collection. 
Suede or faux leather fabric (I used a soft cotton suede)
Needle and Thread
Instructions: Measure the length of the shoulder hem with your cardigan on (since it stretches when it is worn). Also make sure it is pre-shrunk or hang dry only. You can hand stitch or sew. As you sew or stitch pull the fabric slightly with you as you go so that it is sewn at the stretched length. Trim the ends at an angle if needed.  If you use a thick fabric use a thick needle. You will want to match your thread to your fabric. 
2) Heart Patch Pocket Cardigan 

Any color Cardigan (Pockets preferred) – (similar here or here)
Leather or faux leather fabric 
Tip: check your local inter design stores for any fabric books they are getting rid of!
Fabric glue 

Instructions. Measure out your heart so that the top middle part lines the width of the top of your pocket.  You want it to be high enough that it won’t flop over. Cut, trace, and duplicate a second heart.
Glue only the area of the heart that will overlap the pocket. Pretty simple:)
The leather fabric I used had a soft suedish backing so it was perfect for fabric glue. Leather backings will not hold and you will need to sew.

3) Sequin Trimmed Pocket Cardigan – This is by far the easiest way to add a little glam.
Pocket Cardigan (similar here)
Sequin Trim 
Fabric Glue
Instructions: Simply measure the length of the trim along the pocket, cut, and use fabric glue to secure. Gentle wash and line dry.
Now go through your closets and see what you can do to change up some oldies to make new goodies:) Hope you enjoy!

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