DIY Couples Costume: Holly Golightly & "Fred"

October 25, 2012

I had a lovely reader request I do a Holly Golightly Sleep Mask DIY from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Little did she know, that was my costume last year for Halloween:) I realized I never posted the DIY so if you need a last minute, easy, and fun couples costume idea, here you go! This is a great alternative to the popular black dress costume from the movie. 
Please note: this DIY is for the costume version of the mask not sleep version;)
Thick cardstock
Tiffany blue fabric (cotton or satin)
Gold Metallic Velvet Trim (1/2- 3/4 inch)
Gold Ribbon (I used wire ribbon)
2 Big blue rhinestones (can find in the childrens craft section)
1. Using a tape measure, measure the width of your left temple to right temple. This will be the width of your mask.
2. On your thick cardstock paper, draw a line the same width. Draw your mask shape based of this. Cut out and place over your fabric. 
3. Draw around the mask shape leaving a two inch space so that your fabric will fold over the back. Cut out the fabric piece.
4. Tightly pull and wrap fabric over the cardstock cut out and hot glue the folds on the back. Do this slowly so there are no air pockets or wrinkles. 
Cut your eyelid shapes and repeat fabric and glue instructions. The extra edge on the fabric will be glued to the mask.
5. Hot glue your rhinestones where you want the eyes to be. (Widely placed.) Hot glue the eyelid shapes over the blue rhinestones so that the bottom of the rhinestones peek out slightly.
6. Measure out your metallic velvet trim to fit the width of your eyelids and cut. Cut slits along the edge for the eyelash effect. Hot glue to the rims.
7. Glue your gold braided trim around the edge of the mask.
8. Use the gold glitter glue to make the eyebrow arches. Let dry thoroughly.
9. Measure out your ribbon and cut two equal lengths long enough to tie around the back of your head.
Hut glue between trim and fabric or staple to the back along the edge.
And you are done! I still have the mask in tact to pull out for future use.

For the Rest Holly Golightly’s Costume:
Trench coat or Mens button down shirt
Black leggings
 Ballet Flats
Gold Tassel Earplugs:
2 Gold Tassels (from upholstery aisle at Hobby Lobby)

For Paul “Fred” Varjack’s Costume:
(Fred where’s about the same thing the whole movie)
Tweed Jacket,
Skinny Tie (We couldn’t find one in time)
A pack of cigs
Parted and combed hair
This couples costume was for the Young-Old Hollywood Party we threw last year.
We had such a blast. I will have to show you sometime when we dressed up as Pocahontas and John Smith…probably our all time fave.
What are you going to be for Halloween this year?! Do you dress up?

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