DIY Halloween Costumes Part 1: Maypole or Midsommer Swede

October 17, 2013

Confession: Halloween is my least favorite holiday.
I have never been attracted to the creepy rubber masks, nasty smelling costume stores, and overdone cemetery decor. Its just not my thing. My neighbors surrounding us have some pretty impressive Halloween decor going on, complete with blow up pumpkins. We sit in the middle with a simple fall wreath….just wait till Christmas neighbors! We will bring it!

I still love to dress up my kids and bringing them trick or treating mind you. And my husband loves to dress up with him and I really think that’s the greatest. I also love a good themed party, which is why I am sharing some easy last minute ideas you can do with items you might have on hand!

Let’s start with a Maypole OR Midsommer Swede (thanks for the idea Sarah!) Yep…not a fairy or nymph or flower….a maypole where people can literally dance in circles around you;)

DIY Halloween Costume - Maypole - In Honor of Design
DIY Maypole Costume Materials - IHOD
DIY Maypole Costume - In Honor of Design

I promise its really easy to make a floral crown. There are flowers with wire stems at your local craft store you can wrap around your stem crown. Here or here are easy tutorials for floral crowns.

I went through my gift wrapping bucket and pulled out many different ribbon strands. Use double sided tape to loop around your floral grown and secure on top. Wear long flowy clothes to complete the vibe and you are now a Maypole. You always wanted to be one right?? 🙂

Be sure to share a pic if you try this out! Thank you Chelsey Heidorn for the photography!

Love, Anna

P.S. My “Flowy” layers: Skirt from Zara (similar), Top from J.Crew

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