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October 20, 2012

Since the last Real Chat post, I have tried to simplify my life in all shapes and sizes. This quote couldn’t have been more timely:)
Design/Blogging:  I have turned down some design projects, and am focusing on the Holiday gift guide and current clients only. I turned off comment notifications in my email inbox as I realized an overflowing inbox is a recipe for stress. I also started using google calendar (hello where have I been?).
At Home: Like I mentioned this week, I am working torwards simplicity in my closet as well. Only purchasing what I absolutely need or what will last for a long time. Having much never seems to sit well with me. I don’t like keeping what I don’t use because I feel like it is wasting. (My mom’s influence;)) So, I am cleaning out my closet monthly.  I also made plans to organize my house. Boxes, shelves, etc. With toddlers, its impossible to keep everything in its place. I am learning to let that go. We also cycle toys often as well. They tend to prefer puzzles and books anyways:)
I am already breathing a little easier, and finding more time to be with my children or call up a friend.I have found that the people I meet that are simple about the way they live their life are the most peaceful….and happier. Don’t ya think?
What are some ways you keep your life simple?

And can’t leave you without some fun weekend reading:
Speaking of organization: Love this site with all my fave online catalogues in one place with direct links to products.
Speaking of simple: A minimalistic and totally functional DIY that tickled my fancy.
German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars….!
An etsy shop discovery I fell smitten over.
Favorite blog find of the week.
Did you see Blair Eadie’s new line for Bauble Bar? Perfect.
Hot Chocolate on a stick? I’m in.

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  • We are definitely crazy about keeping a limited amount of toys. Every few weeks I purge toys like crazy, especially before birthdays or holidays. We also do a limited number for those occasions.

    • Love this idea. Same over here. We don’t really buy toys. They seem to be content with trains, blocks, puzzles, and books! 🙂

  • I definitely try and follow these rules. My husband is actually really great at helping me see the difference between something useful and great vs. something that will collect dust (that’s why I never go shopping without him :)). Thank you so much for this lovely reminder! And I loved checking out all the fun links! Have a great weekend! xo

  • I love all of these ideas and changes you have been making. I wish to implement similar ones soon. I’ve already started a few little things that will hopefully build some new good habits.

  • Thanks so much for sharing some of the rules that you are implementing – great reminders. : )

  • I love it! It truly makes a differences. You might like this book.
    Kim John Paynes came to our school and it totally changed my way of living.

  • Great ideas. We made a point of clearing out our home a year ago. It has made all the difference only keeping what we truly need, love and use. It has freed up time for the important things like spending quality time with family.

  • Totally agree – somehow having less is so less stressful. I just cleaned out my closet a few weekends ago and it’s so much less overwhelming getting dressed now. Plus I made huge donations to goodwill and other charities. It feels good that other people will be wearing those things rather than having them collect dust in my closet.

    • Doesn’t it feel great?! I shop at consignment stores and thrift stores for the kids so I appreciate the cycle of good will 🙂

  • So right! Am on a simplify mission too – just gave away a lot of things! Happy sunday!

  • Needless to say, I love this post. So agree that when you keep too much, you feel the weight of it all.

  • just love this post as i have been in the process of simplifying for the last few months. as i’ve gotten a little older, i feel that “stuff” just clutters my brain a bit too much. i feel so much more peaceful and emotionally content by having less clutter in all areas of my life!

  • This post comes at the perfect time for me! I’ve been working on organizing my house and getting rid of the things I don’t really need (especially in the clothes department). That William Morris quote is perfect! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I completely love the quote at the beginning of this post, and it’s great to read some practical ideas for getting rid of mental clutter as well as the physical stuff =) x

  • Anna, I have been doing the same exact thing for over a year now. It is so liberating to rid our lives of excess. The hardest part has been slowing getting rid of things that I do really like, but just never use or wear. I definitely desire a closet of mostly classics…which has made shopping so much easier…and easier not to spend as well. I’ve actually realized that I take much better care of things that I have saved up for and plan on keeping for a very long time (I’m really just speaking of clothes).

  • Anna, i’m the same, I hate having things sitting around if they are not in use. I clean my closet so often! I think I hae cero attachments to clothes, if it doesn’t fit me anymore or I don’ like it it goes out! 😉

  • For some reason my ipad didn’t want to type a “v” in have 😉

  • Great post! Simple all the way!

  • I think it’s great that you have flexibility with your children and allow them the space (and messes) to be children. This is a solid truth, too. The whole keeping things you need to keep and letting go of the clutter.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Oh Anna! I am a collector. I don’t collect post stamps or wrapping paper. I collect everything possible, I have notes and papers and broken pens since my 5th grade. Sentimentally I still justify keeping my man’s notes (and non used gums), but keeping so many decorating items in my room is forbidden.
    Last year I moved to a new house with an empty bedroom, beside furniture. I kept it like that for a while, it was a real challenge and so eye opening. From that time, I try adding only what I absolutely love and I easily get rid of what doesn’t fit.
    I wish I could say the same about my closet. Well, I will be trying to do that this week in time for fall/winter. I think the worst problem of women is the rotating fashion, as soon as I donate something it appears to be the biggest trend next season.
    Buttttt, I promise I will gonna try to ignore this possibility this time.

    Thanks for the great topic!

  • I’m the same as Lisa! A collector or what others like to refer to as a pack rat. I don’t like throwing things away, I’m no hoarder though, lol. I don’t have kids yet so my life is already pretty simple, and I haven’t been collecting as much, because I don’t have the funds right now. I do need to get myself more organized though. My latest project is my office…it is a disaster. I’ve been trying to get it cleaned up and more organized, but I just can’t get things in the right place. I’ve had to start over so many times. One of these days I’ll get it done though.


  • I have also bought bins on clearance at Target to get my closet more organized. It already makes me feel better that random objects don’t fall out on me when I open the door. Also, I have been selling my clothes at consignment shops, which makes me feel better about cleaning my closet.

  • I am working hard toward this same goal…thanks for the post 🙂

  • I love that quote! I am usually pretty good and periodically purging, but I think our office/craft room is in need of a little organization!

    P.s. thanks for the link love, friend!

  • That is such a great quote! I know exactly what you mean about life and clutter in general. I go through the same thing where I start pulling things from my closet and around the flat that we don’t use or no longer need and just have this unexplainable urge to minimize. Glad to see I’m not alone in this! -jb.

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