1 Minute Frozen Yogurt: Strawberry-Blueberry

January 9, 2013

We have been playing around with our Yonanas gift I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and this is one of my favorite combinations so far. Very simple, and takes all of 60 seconds to make, so I can’t use that excuse of not having time to make a healthy breakfast anymore…darn it.
This would be simple to blend in a blender as well! 
My children think its ice cream so we fool them with this surprise treat on occasion.
Green smoothies in the blender are also ideal for serving up multiple vegetable servings for breakfast with a sweet disguise. 
*Tip: Let your frozen fruit sit out until it perspires-makes for easier blending! Also, freeze your fresh fruit when its over ripe. Its perfect for frozen yogurt:)
Will share more of these soon, and can’t wait to introduce you to my new food columnist!

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