Family Threads – New Style Series!

January 14, 2013

I call this phase of growing out my bangs the sheep dog pirate phase. Suitable, right?
{Anna: Top: c/o Sheinside, Velvet pants: Gap, Tote: c/o George, Gina, & Lucy, Pumps: HM, Necklace: F21, Charm Bracelet: The Silver Acorn, Gold Bangle: InPink 
Gabriel: Shirt: Gap (similar), Jeans: TCP, Shoes: Converse via ebay (similar)
Veronica: Top, Leggings, and Boots: Old Navy }
Hi friends:) How was your weekend? I want to start incorporating more family style posts since the kids are always with me, and it just seems more natural. I know I will treasure the photos with them as they grow as well. Gabe promises to make an appearance too – right now he’s our camera man:) Hope you all don’t mind this new direction in outfit posts! I so enjoyed all the True Beauty Files looks, but as life is changing, so will the blog. I will still be doing some solo style posts and maternity style posts when as my bump continues to grow:)
Don’t be fooled by the lack of coats here. Although we were blessed with a sunny and warm day in Atlanta, I do believe we still have one more month of winter ahead before it comes to stay. One dose of Vitamin D brought the entire neighborhood out of hibernation and doing strange things like mowing lawns, and climbing on top of their roofs. I even felt motivated enough to go for that run I have been mentally pumping myself up to for four weeks…
Funny what a little sunshine can do for you.


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  • Sunshine is the best kind of motivator, so good for you! And I think the sheepdog bangs are cute, so don’t even worry 🙂

  • Adorable pics! I doubt anyone would mine family-oriented style pics – I just love the “real life” element of style posts in general so if real life for you means having your kids in your photos, then I’m all for it 🙂

    NYC needs a little bit of sunshine…

  • Love the family style post even more the true beauty files–I’m always looking for inspiration for my son! I’ve found the best buys at H&M for him (17 months old) because they’re always fashion forward but don’t break the bank when he’s outgrowing things within months of buying. Thanks for changing to fit your needs…it meets my needs to! 🙂

  • I love the new style series! So cute.

    Also think that your bangs are looking cute.

    We had such nice weather last weekend but today it is back to good ole winter, boo.

  • I love this new series. You have a beautiful family and you all look great. Can’t wait to see maternity style posts, too.

  • Such a stylish family! And I love that you got your shoes at H&M – I swear by that store! I can’t wait to see more posts from this series!

  • Awww I love this idea Anna! You all look so fab! I seriously buy so many of Mila’s clothes at Old Navy, they have a lot of good sales always!

  • Anna, CONGRATULATIONS to you and the family! Such exciting news : ) You all look great in these pictures, and little Gabe is quite the natural in front of the camera ; )

  • um, that second pic from the top is a priceless facial expression from your little dude. hahaha!

    Congratulations again on the baby!

  • Love seeing pics of the kiddos alongside you! It was warm in Texas this past weekend when I was visiting. But, quickly turned cold yesterday. I am afraid it followed me home!!

  • I don’t think your little family could be any more charming Anna! This is such a great idea for a series of posts 🙂
    – Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  • This weekend was fabulous in Atlanta! We hit the trails both days.

  • Jealous of your ATL weather. Although we did get a 50 degree day and I considered sunbathing in the backyard. I am itching for spring already… not good. Veronica is getting cuter by the day. And those blond curls that both of them rock are A-DORABLE! LOVE your hair!

  • Happy New Year Anna! Had a little blogbreak and am catching up now. Love your pix here and your kiddos – cuddle them from me!

  • I love the idea of this new series and can’t wait to see the posts to come! My husband has visited my outfit posts twice recently (one of which I uploaded today, funny huh?). He is the one who takes my photos too, don’t know what I’d do without him 🙂

  • I love this new directions 🙂 It is so sweet to see you with your adorable kiddos! And hooray for sunshine…we have been blessed with it around these parts lately, too! XO Brynn

  • Haha…I am in Georgia as well–and I had the best runs this weekend! How true that is about a little Vitamin D! 🙂 And for the outfit post–I have to say–You all look great, but her little boots stole the show! Adorable. 🙂

  • omgosh!
    this is completely adorable!!! and totally inspirational!
    i love that your starting this series

    Redheaded Daybook


  • This just makes me smile. I love that you are taking photos as a family. It’s so easy to go through life and not get the day to day interactions documented!

  • beautiful family photos. your kiddies are adorable and so handsome 🙂 i miss sunshine too! cant wait for it to come back. but spring is not close enough here yet! more cold and snow ahead!

  • I love the family cookbook! Such a great idea. Cute little ones.

  • Love this. Such a nice twist!

  • What a cute idea, Anna! My entire life is about to revolve around a baby boy and I’m already thinking of ways to incorporate that into the style of my blog. I think baby fashion posts are in order. :)!!

  • Love this!! What an adorable family you have 🙂

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