Family Threads vol. 2: Preparing for the family shift

March 4, 2013

Veronica // Dress and Shoes: Old Navy, Sweater: Baby Gap (consignment), Headband: made by me
Gabriel //Pants: Old Navy, Shirt: Childrens Place, Jacket: Baby Gap (similar), Shoes: Converse
Anna // Shirt: c/o Wendybox, Pants: Gap, Scarf: Deloom, Tote: c/o George Gina & Lucy, Lip color: Revlon
I think Veronica senses a baby coming.
She has been a mama’s girl lately. She just wants me to hold her more often, and gets an extra dimpled toothy grin whenever I devote undivided attention to her. She has become miss independent…so confident and proud whenever she tries something new. She wants to do everything her brother does and they are best buds. My heart is starting to ache a little more when I hold her and watch her grow.
I feel the time shifting, and I know I have to get ready to let go of the fact that she won’t be the baby much longer…
I went through this with Gabriel before she arrived. A short period of sadness knowing he would be my baby only for a few more months and that his little world would change. I cried many tears, mourned a little, and squeezed him extra tight. I remember vividly the strong emotion of saying goodbye as I dropped him off at my sisters before heading to the hospital to have his little sister…I felt the change of my first born son stepping into a new time in this all to fleeting life.
It is harder on me than it is for them, but what sweetens it all is seeing them now together… they greet each other in the morning with lots of kisses and hugs… Gabriel is makes sure Veronica has everything she needs and reassuring me he is “protecting his little sister”…. seeing Veronica pat his head and babble like Gabriel is her dear friend….he will attend her tea parties….she will play with his train station….and watching their daily dance parties go down in the family room. I see their lifetime of friendship unfolding and I am thankful.
As I get ready to bring a whole new life into our family, I accept the sadness as a side effect of my deep love for my sweet baby girl, and know that soon I will have reason to wonder how we ever did without this new one.


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