He felt the baby move…

March 14, 2013

He felt the baby move. 
A series of questions proceeded…
When is the baby gonna come out? Wil I get to hold the baby? Will she be happy?
He doesn’t know that just yesterday, I was waiting for him anxiously, feeling him kicking and moving constantly in my womb, and wondering who he was going to be.
My first born.
I ache for those days where he fit into my arms perfectly, but accept that it was a gift to have those days at all. I have shed tears thinking of how fast he went from being my newborn to my little man in what seems to have been only a year in time. 
When I saw him react to feeling this baby move, I was reminded that he was meant to be my first born. God knew exactly what He was doing. Gabriel will be the big brother they will learn from.
And boy, has he challenged Gabe and I these past few years. Stretched us to our limits and re-molded our hearts. Through the ugly moments and the sweet ones, I know he was made to be my first.
Little lovebug in the womb, you are a lucky one. You have a big brother her already loves you so much. He thinks you are a girl. We will see:)

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