Shop Scoop: Sweet Spot Bags

March 1, 2013

These are the longitude and latitude numbers to one of my favorite spots that I have every visited: Assisi Italy:) The numbers and letters are actually SUN PRINTED onto the bag!

Sweet Shop Bags has several well known spots ready to purchase, but also customizes clutches to a location of choice to remember in a cool (and kind of secret code) like way. I thought this was such a fun gift idea too for a honeymoon gift, birth place memento, or to remember a special trip.

Unless someone is uber smart and has the entire grid of the world memorized, you will be the only one who knows what these longitute and latitude numbers locate. The city is revealed inside the linking;) When I traveled to Italy, we visited many cities, but Assisi was one that left a big impact on me. (St. Francis is my patron saint;)) Love having this little way of remembering it.

And that is the scoop! Which city would you make this into?

Happy weekend friends!

*This is a sponsored post that is %100 my own opinion.

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