No sew Open Back Sweater DIY

September 6, 2013

Cross back sweater DIY | In Honor of Design
Open Back Sweater DIY

You know all those sweaters that aren’t doing much for you, or just sitting in your closet for months….maybe even years? I had one too many of them, so decided to change them up a bit. It’s an easy way to up-cycle those sweaters, and re-purpose with what is already in your closet.

I promise this is the easiest DIY you can attempt, and just about anyone can do it. All you really need to know how to do is cut a straight line more or less. Although if the letters DIY make you want to run and hide, just pass this post along to your bestie;)

Step 1: Cut a straight line down the back middle of your sweater.

Step 2: Cut 3 in. strips of sticky back velcro to the top ends of the collar of each half. It sticks really well to the sweater and have opened and closed several times with no budge. However, to secure longer you can sew on buttons or sew on the velcro!

Step 3: Line the edges of the cut sweater with Fray Check to prevent fraying. Wear by sliding arms in and attaching velcro in the back.

Pretty easy right?? Happy almost weekend!

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