DIY Modern Planter Upgrades


I have stubbornly refused to give up bringing live plants into our home even though I know their survival rate is comparable to a lamb among wolves. HOWEVER, with the help of my good ole pen and ink planner, I am remembering to at least water them for a chance of survival. It reads something like this, “WATER THE PLANTS OR THEY WILL DIE!” Written a few times across a weekly calendar might appear disturbing to the average over-the-shoulder glancer, but I tell you it is the only way!

I usually pick up planters in the $10-$15 range from Lowe’s, and especially love when they are melamine for indoor or outdoor use. Since I move things around from room to room like a nesting spaz these days, I was having difficulty getting a few to flow together in varying height the way I was hoping. I had originally wanted to use these pretty pegs for a couch upgrade, but since I ended up not needing them for that purpose, I decided to use them to give me a lift in the plant department. So my awesome large sized planter sprouted a set of pretty peg legs in the perfect height and color. It immediately gave it a modern swedish vibe ( I say swedish because they tend to have the upper hand on home design, and just sounds cooler). I feel the need to make twenty-three more and fill my home with unrealistic goals of keeping that many plants alive through the winter.

Pretty pegs offers an insane amount of cute color and size leg options for coffee tables, couches, end tables, armchairs, etc. I think it highly imperative you take the time to swoon today and see what I am talking about:) They are all custom made! It comes with the hardware you need to attach to your piece, and for the planter, I just used the same method from The New Boho book I used for the wooden bowl planter. Just need a good power tool.


Additional Tips for DIY Planter Upgrades:
– I also just used a light coat of bronze gold spray paint on the previously dull brown wire planter which allowed it to sync well with the rest of the room. It just takes a little tweaking here and there to make things work for your home, without having to buy new things.
– Trash cans can make great planters! I had a woven wastebasket I wasn’t using that ended up being the perfect planter for my aloe vera. They are getting along swimmingly.

*The rug is from Rugs USA. Looking forward to sharing our Living room makeover in a few weeks. Just adding the final touches:)
I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun home related announcement!

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Fourth of July Party Favor Packs + Weekend Reading

Fourth of July Surprise Packs4th of July Party Packs | IHOD

We are going camping with my family for Fourth of July Weekend (don’t worry, this preggo will be sleeping in an RV), and I thought it would be fun to surprise the kids with some little distractions for the trip there. Super easy to throw together and customize, which makes for fun Fourth of July party favor packs. I got everything from the $1 bin at Target! Total cost for everything was under $15. Some ideas to get you started….

Fourth of July Surprise Packs
Paper staws
Glow sticks
Flag hankerchief

The instax mini camera we gave them on our last family trip to use when we were out exploring. It’s pretty hard to break, and seems to give them an incentive to pay closer attention to their surroundings. I chuckle over the polaroids coming out of that camera.

And some weekend reading/viewing:

A few friends of mine shared this awesome take on what Victoria’s Secret Bathing suits look like on real women. 

My new one stop spot for party supplies.

My love for stripes runneth over.

Date Crates! Really digging the Sushi one.

What do you all think of the new search and explore option on instagram? 

Taking note for our camping experience next weekend…14 Camping Hacks.

I’ve got to see this place in person. The end.

Enjoy your weekend! We have an anniversary and a little 2 yr birthday party to celebrate:) 
x, Anna

P.S. Started a shop section for an easy way to share my favorite fashion, home, and children’s finds with you all:) Will update regularly!

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DIY Wooden Cornhole Set

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Somehow next weekend is 4th of July! I wanted to share some festive fun this week that my family will personally be putting to use! Today, I am handing this DIY wooden cornhole set over to my husband, Gabe. He kind of knows a little more about woodworking than I. But hey, I did take the pics! Teamwork folks.. [Read more…]

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