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October 3, 2013

Happy Baby Wrap | IHODIHOD-Happy Baby Wrap

Looking at these photos has me in disbelief. Max has already DOUBLED in size since we took these photos. He is eating and sleeping away the days, and has turned out to be my dream baby…plump, smiley, and cuddly. I look forward to getting up every morning because of this boy. Just one dimpled smile and my day is made.

If you may remember, Max had a very fussy first 6 weeks of life, until thanks to many of you who gave me advice I realized I needed to cut dairy out. During those first weeks, he was happy if I held him upright. As much as I wanted to hold him and stare at him all day after his arrival, I had two other little ones that needed me. Cue the lifesaver, and hence life bearing (I am not exaggerating) item that solved my problems…. The Happy Baby Wrap. When Max was snuggled against mama, he would fall asleep or just sit peacefully. It gave me free hands AND allowed me to sooth and hold my baby. Win-win.

The soft and stretchy material has allowed for lots of room for growth and I still use it frequently. For instance, yesterday he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be held more than usual so I wrapped him up and he immediately stopped fussing.

Best part of this is the wrap distributes the weight evenly and offers the right amount of support so that you are not left with shoulder or back pain. I have tried several versions of baby carriers, and this by far has been the best yet.

What about you? What were your top survival tools for those first weeks after baby?

*Thank you Happy Baby Wrap for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts are 100% my own.

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