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June 30, 2014

Printed Shorts
{Three ways to style Printed Shorts this week for eHow}

I have been making a point to take time to read more. It is something I have always loved, but feel the need to do more of it now to keep my mind sharp (which seems to drastically shrink after having kids…). I want to be aware of the different current events in the world, open my eyes to different cultures, and learn about different topics….

A short stack reading list:
Worth pondering: In Search of Meaning

A must read for bloggers: this article by Grace Bonney on Racked.

A book I read in one flight, that I couldn’t put down. (We are reading this for sister book club:))

Watched and learned about the You Are Beautiful project and promptly booked Matthew Hoffman to be a speaker at our Chicago Brand Market workshop.

magazine I am hooked on and newly subscribed to.

6 secrets to being a happy mother – I couldn’t agree more.

And in good humor, if you are familiar with Ann Coultor’s  opinion on soccer and the World Cup, you will appreciate this brilliant article.

I won’t overwhelm you, so we will keep it at that for now! Have a great start to your week!

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  • So many good reads!

  • Jen Fulwiler’s book sounds like a must-read! I’m finally at this happy place where I want to read again! I will add this to my list 😉

    • I love books that have the ability to reach all walks of life in a humorous and relatable way:) I had a few years hiatus of reading because of the hecticness of my life so it is so nice to get back to it!

  • I’m actually trying to make it my mission to read more fiction, I’m online all day reading about all sorts and my head doesn’t stop. I think it’s time I forgot all that (well for an hour a day maybe!) and got lost in some stories. Lovely outfit Anna, especially like the leafy print.

    • Matthew I think that makes a great conversation point! One of my favorite series was The Hunger Games – the fiction series. It was like getting lost in another realm of time and it was a great stretch of the mind for me:)

  • Love the shorts!

  • I am so excited to add ‘Something Other than God’ to my reading list. I love books you just can’t put down! And I am not sure how I had never heard of the “You are beautiful” Project but I am in LOVE! Such an amazing movement and idea, totally buying some stickers to spread around town 🙂
    As always love your blog and thanks for sharing!


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