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April 20, 2015

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Poppy Barley | In Honor of Design


Shoes have been the hardest thing for me to cut out excess of (I come from a long line of hat and shoe hoarders), but I am determined to work my selection into smart choices of good quality, and ethically made pairs. It is so easy to fall for the bargain deals, and I admit I even fell victim to the lure as recent as last week! However, I keep going back to the video in this post, and am trying to make sure my dollar continues to go towards the right people if possible.

I discovered Poppy Barley shoes through a friend and really loved getting to know their story. Two sisters wanted to create luxury products at attainable price points in addition to allowing total transparency in the way these products are manufactured. My favorite aspect of the shoes is that they do custom width! A dream come true for me since I have purchased numerous pairs that result in blistered feet after a few hours because they were too narrow at the wrong places. Needless to say these booties have been a dream come true when all I crave is comfort (style is a perk of course). The soles have cushioning that support the pressure points in your feet as well.

They recently released their spring line and sold out of these snakeskin back booties fast, but excited to inform you all that they brought back 5 limited edition pairs for IHOD readers! If you want to invest in some long haul, with you to the end booties, get them before they are gone!

x, Anna

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  • Those are gorgeous. I would need to save a lot before indulging in a pair like those. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Those are gorgeous booties! I think booties are essential for a shoe collection – they’re so versatile and can be dressed up or down so easily, especially when they’re high quality ones like these!

  • I’m so glad you introduced me to Poppy Barley! I love coming across new brands that are adamant about transparency and quality. Can’t wait to check out what they have!

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but this Friday is Fashion Revolution Day in remembrance of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh. It would be awesome if you wore an item of clothing inside out and took a picture on IG and tagging the brand asking #whomademyclothes. I’m going to be doing the same and wearing my inside out sweater all day!

  • Could you please tell me where that beautiful t shirt is from? (The blush one that is hanging on the rack). Thank you so much! Ally

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