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May 28, 2015

Prenatal Exercise | In Honor of Design

I have always been a fairly active person generally speaking. I grew up playing almost every sport I could try, I love the outdoors, and run a few times a week. HOWEVER, I severely lack motivation to exercise while I have a baby in utero. In fact, I rarely do more than chasing my toddler up and down the stairs or walks around the block. I usually go easy on myself the first trimester when I feel either icky or starving or simply exhausted. I just eat and sleep my way through it, and I don’t keep track of the pounds because I know my body is trying to prepare to house a new life.

After Max’s birth (you may remember he came super fast and was a big baby!), I felt like I had been knocked out flat and was sore and achey for a few weeks after. The weeks leading up to his birth were also really challenging. I had a tough time doing much without getting out of breath. Now this may be normal for most pregnant women, it would be really nice to have more energy facing the summer months this time around.

I decided if I can’t make the time to at least get some cardio in, the least I can do is some toning and muscle strength training. When I can, I like to go to my friend’s Kickboxing or cycling classes. This will get tougher now that I am in the last trimester. My motivation is for strength and energy. I really don’t care so much about weight gain and loss because every person’s body is different, and my main focus is the baby’s health. It took me till this pregnancy to be more relaxed about all the body changes, but it’s because I realize more than anything it is incredible that the female body can grow a human being! I wish women were more forgiving of the pregnancy pounds and give themselves more time to heal before shouting out post pregnancy sizes and weight goals. Ya know?? Anyways…

Prenatal Toning | In Honor of DesignPre-natal workoutPrenatal workout - IHOD

Here are the toning exercises and stretches I do to get me ready for that natural birth coming up (I have to mentally prepare myself if I don’t have time to get to the hospital this go around;)).

Second Trimester Cardio options:
Run one mile, walk one mile

Third Timester Cardio options:
Kickboxing in moderation
Walking two miles
Cycling in moderation
Prenatal yoga
2-3 times per week

Second and Third Trimester Leg Toning:
Lunges – 5 sets of 2 reps on each side
Bent knees parallel to floor, high posture, pushing weight from the glutes/thighs.
Squats – 5 sets of 20 reps
Legs parallel to shoulder, knees over ankles, squating as low as you can go.
Baby lifts – 5 sets of 15 reps
Max is a solid 25 lbs and loves airplane rides so…
Toddler on the flats of your soles, lifting air squats. This gets tougher when the belly grows, so I have started to put him on my shins and lift my legs to a 90 degree angle in repeating sets. Really tough to do, but entertains them while you get some good strength training. No helmet required, but Max currently finds it an amusing accessory to sport during the day…

For arm toning:
I use a resistance band to do bicep and tricep toning at home. Stand in a half lunge position, with band under the sole of your foot. Lift upwards towards you for as many times as it takes till you feel the burn. Rest and repeat 5-8 times.
The real workout is lifting Max up and down every day though;)

prenatal exercise
(Photos taken by Ben Vigil when I was pregnant with Max and modeled for Blanqi)

I will keep you all posted with how the results go this time. I have never consistently worked out through a pregnancy so will report the difference!

*My favorite workout wear when pregnant (and honestly the only way I could work out without circulation problems!):
Look One: Top and Pants by A Pea in the Pod c/0, Puma Trainers
Look Two: Top and Pants by Cozy Orange c/0, Adidas joggers

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  • Sharyn Busick

    That last photo just may be one of the cutest I’ve EVER seen! Beyond adorable. You are doing great and an inspiration, for sure. Where do you get the stamina?? Whew.

    • I know I just love that round face in that helmet! He wanted to wear it all day, so it was kind of funny how it turned out in this pic:) And geez most days I feel tired to be honest. Motivation hides from me. ha! However, working out always ends up giving me an energy boost afterwards which I figure is better than an espresso;)

  • Sharyn Busick

    Oops – Next to last photo! (The last one didn’t come through earlier.)

  • I’ve been trying to keep active this time around and hope it helps me with the delivery! You look great

    Happy Medley

  • This is very informative and intersting, thanks 🙂

  • Love this, please write more like this again in the future!

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