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May 19, 2015

Travel Style | In Honor of Design

I haven’t traveled this pregnant in a long time, but it was a must for me to go see one of my oldest and dearest friends get married back in my home state of OH. I needed a comfortable outfit (no waist circulation problems please) for the plane ride, that I could wear straight to dinner that night. I was also hoping to find luggage that I could either roll around or wear on my back. I totally lucked out with these pieces. So here is the scoop (and a big GIVEAWAY at the end!)

Travel Style | IHOD

Sweatshirt dress – This super soft sweatshirt dress from Isabella Oliver is form fitting which was a welcome change from the usual frump sacks I find. It is casual and I wore it with flat sandals, and was able to dress it up when I got there with some platform sandals.

Platform wedges – I was convinced these would be hazardous to my toppling weight at this state of pregnancy, but shockingly enough, they are super comfortable. Leave it to anthropologie to make a neutral combination that goes with everything and can be worn for more than an hour without blisters or ankle breakage;) 

Steamline Luggage – Hello love at first sight. I was lucky enough to try one of these out after a recent post on this line of luggage. Hard case, retractable roller, water resistant lining and additional cosmetics pouch, optional lock and key, leather finishes, vintage look….I mean I couldn’t dream up a better piece. (They are still offering 10% off to readers with code IHOD10 by the way!)

Lily Jade Bag – This is a company I have used since Max was a baby. They are genuine leather diaper bags with a million pockets inside with a removable insert. It can work as a tote bag or backpack and fits it all. I use it when I am traveling with or without my little ones. 

Good news for you all, they are GIVING ONE AWAY to a lucky reader! I really love having an opportunity to give away something great to one of you. 

TO ENTER, leave a comment answering this question:
1, If you could travel anywhere to have a morning with someone who would it be??
2. For a second entry, you can head over to instagram and tag a friend on the giveaway post!

I will be drawing a winner on Memorial Day. Best of luck!
X, Anna

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  • Anne Le-Reiver

    I would travel to Philadelphia to have breakfast with my good friend Robyn, I miss talking to her in person.

  • Fiona Odumosu

    I would travel to Dublin, Ireland, to have a full Irish breakfast with my Mom, who I miss every day we are apart.

  • Pat Schwab

    I would go visit my mom and if I win this bag I won’t have to use my husband’s old gym bag again.

  • Michelle H

    I would travel to Switzerland to eat chocolate croissants with one of my dearest friends who moved to Geneva to pursue her dream of being a translator.

  • I would travel to Rome and have breakfast there again with my mom. πŸ™‚

  • I’d go to Perth, Australia to visit some dear family friends. One of them recently and unexpectedly passed away, and we weren’t able to be there. I would love to go see them and just sit around and talk.

  • Springfield, MO. No, it isn’t glamorous, but one of my dear friends lives there. She has been a Mom for a year and I’m about to become a Mom for the first time. I would love to sit through a long breakfast and talk to her about this adventure.

  • I have been eying Steamline Luggage…so classic and beautiful! Such a great switch up from the boring black that everyone uses these days. A bit hard to thinking about buying the large size and then have it get all scuffed up when at the airport, so maybe the carryon is the best one to start with!

  • I would travel to Hawaii(a cliche, I know) to have breakfast with my mom!

  • Melissa Austin

    definitely my bf, we want to travel all over the place!!

  • I’d love to go to Edinburgh for a morning with my mama friend Jen. She’s a first time mommy is having a tough time with it.

  • I would go to Italy with my husband in a heartbeat! You look way more stylish than I ever do flying, so cute!
    Katelyn // Relatively Offbeat

  • I would travel to San Jose to see my dearest friend Sarah and meet her little baby girl!

  • Elisabeth

    I would travel to NYC to visit my best friend who recently moved there- long distance friendship is hard! Thanks for sharing this great giveaway with us!

  • I would travel to South Carolina to visit a high school friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and who needs a good friend right now.

  • Bianca G.

    I would travel back home to Germany and spend a day with my best friend Sue!

  • I’d love to have a bowl of shrimp grits (with our toes in the Gulf) with my friend Toni in Pensacola, FL.

  • Kathryne

    I would go have coffee with my 91 year old grandparents in Pennsylvania and hear some old family stories from Italy and New Jersey.

  • I’d travel to Nashville to have a brunch with my bestie who I don’t get to see in person nearly often enough! We’d catch up over pancakes and mimosas!!

  • I’d love to be in DC to see my friend Kelly – she’s pregnant for the first time and I haven’t seen her in so long I can hardly believe how long it has been. She’s never met my second son and I’ve never seen the condo she’s about to move out of!

  • Catherine

    It sounds kind of silly but my mom, who’s like my best friend, and I have always talked about having tea at a fancy NYC hotel. Someday I really hope to do that with her

  • I’d go to Louisville, KY to take my Grandmom out to breakfast!

  • I would travel to London and have breakfast and tea with Kate Middleton. How posh would that be??

  • I’d definitely head to oxford and have a quaint little tea with my sisters. Tea and sisters just go together.

  • Mary Roberts

    I live in London my best friend lives in Oregon but is on holiday at the moment in Maui. So I’d hop on a plane and get there in time to take her out to Dukes (her favorite restaurant) for dinner.

  • Katie Keys

    I just saw my mom, but I would lobe to have an uninterrupted breakfast with her and a friend who always makes us laugh, Mrs Niewa.d herself… but I would also want cheesecake for breakfast πŸ™‚

  • Patricia

    I would travel to Edmonton, Alberta to take my son and his beautiful family out to eat!

  • Taylor Schaffer

    I love the bag—and the outfit.

    I’d travel wherever to go see my best friend. We grew up together and now live waaaaaay too far apart.

  • Leah S.

    I would travel to Baytown, TX and surprise my grandmother in her kitchen. Homemade cinnamon rolls would be on the menu, of course!

  • caitlyn

    I would go to San Fran to cuddle on my little niece and nephew.

  • Catherine

    If I could travel anywhere it would be back home to Colorado, so I could have a morning with my oldest and best friend Becca. When I moved to New Jersey a few years ago to be closer to my in-laws I knew I would miss my friend dearly, but when she and I became pregnant at the same time, my heart ached that I would not be able to see her baby girl as a newborn (because I too would have a newborn). Our babies were born exactly 2 weeks apart, and I would love to be able to meet my dear “little friend” and give a great big “we’re mommy’ s now” hug to my bestie.

  • Kelly Mitchem

    I would fly to Seattle, I’ve been missing it like crazy lately! I’m also 20 weeks pregnant so one of these bags would be amazing!

  • Janine Markham

    I would head to Michigan to visit my mum. I miss her terribly!

  • I would love to travel to Italy to have a morning with friends who I met while studying abroad who recently had a baby!

  • Rebekah M.

    If I could travel anywhere to have a morning with someone, I would fly to Cheyenne Wyoming where my sister lives with her husband and two kids. I would love to discuss pregnancy and babies with her since I just found out I am 9 weeks!!!

  • LaTanya

    I would go to Germany to visit my brother

  • Karissa

    I’d love to travel to Missoula, Montana to have coffee with my older sister. I miss her dearly.

  • I’d love to be able to travel to England and visit with my best friend who just moved there. Miss her dearly.

  • Following both on IG as alinapicazo and tagged a friend

  • I would like to travel Cuba to visit with my grandmother.

  • I would travel to Tokyo with my best friend, Kate.

  • karen wu

    i’d love to go anywhere for a morning alone with the hubs. we could really use a getaway from life here! i’m thinking hawaii or bora bora.. but really, anywhere would be great!

  • Christine

    I would go to Florida to visit my sister who, for love of her husband and kids, has embarked on a life of chickens, cows, pigs, and bees.

  • i would travel to Ohio to see my mom, she’s my best friend and I miss her terribly.

  • libby k

    I’d probably just want to visit with my mom, who is 500 miles away πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to Sweden to visit my dearest friend and her new little babe.

  • Take a trip to Hyde park to have breakfast with my husband

  • Amanda Buccieri

    I would travel to see my cousin/best friend & her new baby girl <3

  • patricia g

    No question I would visit my sister in LA. I don’t get to see her enough!

  • Tricia Sherman

    i would take my husband and my kids to Pennsylvania and do my darnedest to find my husbands mother whom he hasn’t seen since high school!! Visiting with her would be priceless for him!!

  • I would travel to Florida to have breakfast and a morning walk with my baby boy!

  • Id fly to Memphis to have breakfast with my best friend from college that I haven’t been able to see in 4 years. I’d love to meet her younger children as well!!

  • megan morris

    I would go see my sister that is stationed in Tx. We are both married to USAF men and that has had us stationed miles away from each other for the last 5 yrs

  • I would go to Austin for breakfast with an old dear friend, Terry.

  • Maripaz Rouleau

    If I could hop on a plane to visit someone it would be my dear friend Victoria Franzese in MN! She brings joy to my life and a lot of laughter. Too many miles separate us.

  • i would travel to Paris to visit my best friend from college! It’s been too long since we have seen each other.

  • Christian Smith

    I would head to Seoul, South Korea with my mom. We still have family over there and I want my mom to spend as much time as she can with her aging mother (my Korean grandmother). We haven’t been 2009!

  • Kit Novak

    I would travel to London to meet Victoria Beckham for lunch to chat. She is so inspiring.

  • Erin Marek

    Been eyeing these bags for months now!

    I’d travel to Edmonton, Alberta, to make my oldest sister a huge cup of coffee and help her make yet another checklist for an upcoming cross country move with her 4 kids! Love for the list runs deep in our family πŸ˜‰

  • Deirdre

    I would travel to Australia, to have breakfast with koala bears!

  • Sage Bissell Ruttan

    I’d travel back in time 15 years, and bring my sweet 18 month old daughter along so she could meet her great grandmother- an inspiration of a woman who would adore her great granddaughter Eloise (name inspired by countless hours I spent as a little girl reading the book of the same name with my grandmother). Undoubtably, they would be a match made in heaven!

  • MaryBeth

    I would go to Oklahoma to visit my college roommate (but after the tornado season πŸ˜‰

  • I’m super lucky that most of my favorite people aren’t too far… but one of my besties is out west and I’d take my pregnant self, hubby and daughter to spend a morning with her and her family! OR better yet, I’d wait til after the baby and we’d spend an evening catching up over wine! lol

    love that shirt dress!

  • Haley Cadena

    I would go to South Carolina to visit my childhood friend who recently moved there with her two little boys; I’m still in Colorado, and now that we’re both SAHMs, it would be nice to hang out with her over a cup of coffee!

  • I’d go to Austin, where 5 of my best friends and I could all have brunch and giggle til our sides hurt.

  • Visit Shanghai and my grandparents.

  • If I could travel anywhere it would be to South Korea to meet my biological parents for the first time! :]

  • So not glamorous, but I would fly to Bakersfield, CA to have breakfast with my Grandma and Grandpa. With one in a home and both of them enjoying there last years of life, I would love to be able to spend the morning with them.

  • Jackie Gee

    I would go to Maine to surprise my sister in law at her baby shower! I wish I could be there but its $800 round trip for the weekend!

  • I would fly to Ohio from Boston to be with my family!

  • Siesta Key to visit with my grandmother!

  • Abby Barge

    I would travel to Bern, Switzerland to be with my dear friend Monika! Love her!

  • I would love to visit Albania to see my cousins and experience a morning with them there!

  • Jessica

    I would travel back to where I grew up/lived up til about 7 years ago, to Sacramento, to see many friends, but my best friend in particular, who I haven’t seen in 2 1/2 years!

  • I’d head upstate to visit my bff… I haven’t seen her in months and have been missing her a lot lately.

  • Krystan

    I would travel to northern Wisconsin to see my family! I live in Ohio, and half my family lives in Wisconsin. We used to visit every year as kids, but now that I’m grown with my own small kids, work and other obligations, I have only been able to visit a few times in the 15 years since graduating high school. I love them all dearly and miss them often, so it would be great to go for a visit, no matter how quick.

  • Eileen Jones

    I would go have breakfast with my surviving child, my son. My oldest son is now in heaven. We need to spend more time together. To heal and to love.

  • I would travel to California and visit my cousins!

  • This giveaway question totally made me smile! I’d head from Philly to San Fran to spend the morning with one of my college besties. Shes getting married in early August, and at 39 weeks pregnant I’m not going to make it. She’s the kind of friend I can talk with for 3 hours and end the call only because it’s midnight, never because we’ve run out of things to talk about! πŸ™‚

  • Cristin

    I would travel to Utah to stay with my best friend, Kinder. No one in this world makes me laugh like she does! I miss her everyday!

  • JoAnna Carpentier

    What a lovely question.
    If I were able to travel back in TIME, I would want to spend a morning with my grandmother. Have breakfast with her, talk, ask her questions I never got to ask. But, time machines aside, I suppose I’d want to go to Maine and see my mom. I only see her once a year and I miss her!

  • Phyllis Guarno

    I would travel to Denver to visit a dear friend who just had a baby.

  • Sarah goodman

    cliche totally but I’d take my son and travel to heaven to have a morning picking berries with my grandpa. I miss him so and I totally wish they could have met.

  • New Zealand. I think it sounds like a magical place!

  • Jordan Troublefield

    Moving my love to Houston this weekend to start his new job after grad school. I am going to be broken Monday as I fly back to Dallas alone. Even though its only a 3.5 -4 hr drive… It’s like being light years away when I’m used to seeing his face everyday. I’m already wishing for Tuesday morning to wake up and see his face and not have to do long distance.

  • I’d love to visit the Maldives!

    Stylista Fitness

  • Laura Royal

    I would travel to Norway to see good friends who just had their first little one!

  • i would spend some time with my three best friends from college. It’s been 10+ years since we’ve all been together and between us we have 14 children but I think if we could all be together it would be like we were 20 again πŸ™‚

  • Katie M.

    This is a little far fetched but given the chance I would travel to Heaven to have a breakfast of French toast and poached eggs with my Dad. I would try to squeeze our two little ones in my”carry on” so they could meet their sweet Papa. The smiles would be many and time together would be much too short and but it makes for a nice “dream destination.” πŸ™‚

  • lizbeth

    I would spend the morning with my mom in D.C. I will live there someday and I need to show that little Mexican lady how to get on the metro. I could carry all essentials and snacks for a walk down the national mall! πŸ˜€

  • Anywhere in Hawaii would be divine to be on the beach and watch the sun rise with my hubby.

  • I’d pop on over to Italy to meet up with my friends! While we’re day dreaming, let’s make it in Rome at my favorite coffee shop πŸ˜‰

  • Diana H

    I would take my grandma to Paris and stuff our faces with all the macarons, crossiants, pastries, and bagette while we people watch and them check out the view from the Eiffel Tower!

  • Anne Marie

    To Kentucky for lunch with my bestie, Margaret!

  • I would travel to New Zealand to have breakfast with my friend I met on an exchange program, Nicole.

  • Kristina T

    I would travel to Turtle Island with my mother to have breakfast in our own little villa over crystal blue water. I love my mother to death, we both need a vacation badly & Turtle Island is so gorgeous it’s a once in a lifetime type of trip!

  • Carly G

    Florida to see my Grandmother who has dementia.

  • Maranda Chase

    I would love to go to Omaha,NE to visit my best friend who just lost a dear grandparent and is dealing with some other big life challenging things while parenting 4 sweet boys..

  • theresa J

    I would travel to Taiwan to see my moms family

  • Becky P.

    I would travel from PA to CA to see my friend, Kaitlyn, who just moved out to participate in the Disneyland College Professional Internship Program. I haven’t seen her in over a year, then got stuck at work on the day she was in town. ?

  • Amanda Ostrosky

    I would travel back to Iceland and take my husband with me! Iceland is so beautiful and I’ve been itching to go back!

  • I’d travel to Southern CA to have breakfast with a good college friend in our old stomping grounds. πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to St. Louis to have some sweet scones with my friend and her beautiful little girls!

  • My husband and I got married about 4 months ago and have yet to go on a honeymoon. Our dream is to go to Thailand – relaxing beaches, beautiful culture, friendly people. One day we’ll make it there!

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway. Great pieces.

  • I would travel to Las Vegas to see my best friend and eat some pancakes because we used to eat pancakes together all the time before she met the love of her life and moved!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would go to Bora Bora and take photos with my friend Mari!!

  • Kelly G.

    Denver to see my friend Tom…he’s like a grandfather to my kids!

  • Holly Doble

    I would travel to florida to see my mom

  • I would head over (8.5 months pregnant and all) to England to see a dear witty friend for tea- Deneen, an older lady I met on retreat and have dubbed “baby’s Greenville Grandma”- just found out yesterday she has a brain tumor they cannot perform surgery on and she will not be coming here next week as planned. I just wish she could meet our little babe coming so soon.

  • Sarah Higinbotham

    I would go to Sacramento to have breakfast with my nieces! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would travel to Florida to have breakfast with my sister and my nieces (whom I have never met yet!)

  • Emily Hill

    I would travel to Sevilla, Spain to catch up with some of my good friends from when I lived there!!

  • Brooke Berger

    i would travel to Venice and eat with my husband

  • Mary Kate Rice

    I would fly my husband and I back to Jamaica for breakfast on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. What a perfect morning that would be before our first baby arrives!

  • Melissa

    I would travel to Japan to have breakfast with my brother whom I miss dearly!

  • rochel s

    I would go to Toronto to visit my mom.

  • i would travel to Philly to have coffee with my best friend.

  • Laura T

    I’d travel back home to Ohio to see my mom.

  • I willem a mommy in a couple of days, I am living abroad and would fly home to Belgium to be with friends and family so that they do not have to wait until summer to meet our newborn…

  • I would just love breakfast and a beautiful day away with my hubby, in Vienna, Austria!

  • Carrie H.

    I would be headed to New Mexico with my kids so my grandparents can spend time with their 3 great-grandchildren (they have yet to meet #3)

  • Erin G.

    I would fly out to Maui to recreate my honeymoon with my husband. Sleep in, have breakfast outside in the fresh sunny, ocean air. Pure bliss. Man, I wish that experience was part of the giveaway!!! Lol!!

  • I would travel up to NYC and have coffee with my mom

  • Jessica

    I would love a morning in Paris with my husband.

  • Kari Wagoner

    I’d travel to New Orleans to see a friend from High School

  • I’d travel to a remote cabin on Lake Superior to have uninterrupted time with my best friend, my husband, in God’s creation.

  • I would fly to Italy. Have antipasto with my husband!

  • I would travel to Paris to have breakfast with my husband… And lunch, and dinner in Angers, France at La Ferme, and then eat and eat more. Ha!

  • Travel to Paris with my husband for croissant and coffee.

  • Carmen Johnson

    I would love to go to Oregon and have lunch with all my friends!

  • Sara Friedman

    I would travel to Berlin to meet up with my good friend Sara, who is traveling there. We would always meet for breakfast when she lived here, bit she moved and I miss that.

  • I would go visit my friend Caryn who is a missionary in Nicaragua! πŸ™‚

  • Katie B.

    To be honest I would rather stay home and have breakfast in bed with my hubby. He works a lot and it would be nice to just have a free morning with him. But If I had to travel somewhere I would go to Las Vegas to be with my good friend from high school πŸ™‚

  • Christa F

    I would travel to Central Asia to see my sister and her family!

  • Ashley Livek

    I’d travel to Houston to have girl time and a coffee clutch with my best friend who I don’t get to see very often.

  • Brandy Turner

    I would travel to Italy with my husband to see where he spent his childhood.

  • Hawaii to have breakfast with my brother! He just moved there a few months ago with his girlfriend and I’d give anything to take my son and just have breakfast on the beach with them! I’ve always wanted to go and now we have someone there, but flights are so pricey. :/ Here’s to hoping we win the lottery! (It would help if I played the lottery…)

  • Jessica Bozada

    I would travel to New Mexico to have lunch with my best friend who I miss something terrible.

  • Meghan Amato

    I would love to travel to Ireland and have breakfast with my husband while looking out at the countryside. Before we had our son breakfast time was our time alone together before another crazy day started & he would bring me breakfast in bed. πŸ™‚

  • Meagan Sinke

    I would travel to Cambodia to have breakfast with one of my besties. Traveling with a Lilyjade bag would be amazing because I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first!

  • I would travel to Boston to see my best friend!

  • Jill B.

    I would go back to New York City with my husband and enjoy a nice diner breakfast in my favorite city in the world. We haven’t been to New York since we were newlyweds and it would be amazing to go back now after nearly 9 years of marriage.

  • Angie Keefner

    I’d travel to London to hang out with my husband’s cousin, Melanie, 1. because she’s awesome, and 2. because…London

  • If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Paris, & with my mom. Because she deserves it & because I deserve it!

  • Cait Brouillette

    If I could travel anywhere, I know this is probably stupid, but I would travel to heaven, if there is one, and have breakfast with my Mom. She passed away suddenly about 4 months before I gave birth to my first son, 4 years ago. I would do just about anything to hear her voice and ask her those parenting questions I never got the chance to. Ok, well I’m crying now so I’ll go to Instagram now, lol

  • Laura M.

    I would spend the morning with my little sister in Asheville. We’d catch up (since it’s been forever) and stuff ourselves on brunch at Sunny Point Cafe or Tupelo Honey.

  • I would travel to Tampa to see my momma!

  • Mel Cortez

    My best friend Jenn has never been to NYC and always wanted to go! She and I would finally go to NYC!

  • lisa mcfarland

    i would love to travel to hawaii with my husband and have breakfast with him there

  • Lisa Harris

    I would travel to the hill country (Wimberley, Texas) to enjoy brunch with a special like mother to me who has such charm, class, and knowledge. She is 86 years old and such an influential lady who raised 4 girls and 1 boy. Betty is truly someone I admire ~ ❤️

  • Amanda Kleckley

    I would travel to anywhere with a beach and have breakfast with my husband!

  • Jaclyn Calandra

    I would travel to London to where my husband studied aboard. He is always talking about his study abroad experience and I would love to meet all the people he tells countless stories about and visit all the wonderful places he visited whose pictures fill our little home.

  • Amy Voorhaar

    I don’t have just one place or person to visit. I would like to travel the world and visit all the historical landmarks and all my friends and family. Time tends to fly by and before we know it landmarks are destroyed and friends/family pass away. I want to see things while they are here and let loved ones know they are loved.

  • Bridget Montgomery

    North Carolina to visit my sister-in-law in the hospital.

  • Gabriela

    I would travel to Córdoba Argentina to have breakfast and to talk to my childhood best friend. She moved from L.A. seven years ago and since then we have not seen each other or had a good chat

  • Samantha

    I would visit my momma in Michigan.

  • Caroline R

    To Vietnam where my amazing friends are teaching English as a second language. I would try some of their authentic cuisine! How fun to daydream, but I’d miss my babies I’m sure πŸ˜‰

  • I would travel to London–husband in tow–and have breakfast at the communal table at Monmouths coffee in Borough Matket with of course the best cappuccino anywhere to be found.

  • eula mei

    I would travel to bora bora!

  • Erin roach

    If I could travel anywhere it would be back to my hometown of Ohio to see my great grandmothers gravesite! With an infant I can’t travel anywhere these days! Somewhere fun would be Ireland!

  • Beth Chretien

    I would love to go to France to spend some time with a dear friend I haven’t seen in almost 20 years.

  • I’d travel back to my small home town in Wisconsin to surprise my mom for breakfast πŸ™‚

  • Katharine nichter

    I would travel to Louisville, KY to see my 96 year old grandfather who is sick

  • Sarah hayes

    I would love to meet up with one of my bffs at the beach

  • i would travel to Sevilla Spain to have breakfast w my sister and law and meet my twin niece and nephews!

  • Sarah Dickinson

    Heaven, to have breakfast with my dad.

  • I’d travel to England to spend the morning with Princess Kate!

  • Celia gatti

    I’d go to Spain with my husband for a honeymoon we never had.

  • Michelle cuyun

    If I could travel anywhere to have breakfast with some one it would be with my grandmother who lives in Guatemala.

  • Nicole s

    I would go to Mexico to visit my uncle :)… beautiful! Thank you for this

  • Rachel Ross

    I would go to ohio to have breakfast with my grandparents who are both in their late seventies! They are such wonderful and inspirational people:)

  • Veronica Bohan

    I would go back in time to Clay City, IN and have lunch with my mom every single week

  • jackie boulos

    Would travel back in time to go to australia with my husband before kids, and have breakfast at 11!!

  • Prasert

    this is such a great giveaway. I would visit Thailand to see my siblings!

  • Vanessa Martin

    I would travel to Ireland (and take my mom and grandma with me) and have breakfast in a quaint little cottage πŸ™‚

  • Cassie kelsoe

    I would travel to Beijing to have breakfast noodles with my best friend Sarah and unteoduce her to my baby girl!

  • Julie M

    I would travel to Indiana so I could have lunch with my Aunt and she could meet my little guy!

  • Sheridan

    I would travel to Sacremento to spend the morning with my best friend, sister and fellow mama for coffee and scones

  • Whitney Asay

    I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti and stay in one of those water bungalows. Pretty sure anywhere with white sands and blue water would make me happy though.

  • Amanda O

    I would travel to London and surprise my sister on the tube!

  • Sarah knorr

    I would tracvel to Eagan MN to have breakfast with my brother and his family.

  • Katie Anderson

    I would travel to Hungary to have breakfast with my sister.

  • My grandparents are moving into an assisted living home. I wish I could travel to Florida with my 6 month old and have breakfast with them, because I know their world lights up when they see her.

  • Betty N

    I’d travel to Chicago to have breakfast with my daughter.

  • Amber Timm

    I would travel to Florida and have breakfast with my nana.

  • valerie sobus

    i would travel 7 hours to see my best friend! i haven’t seen her in about a year– and now we both have baby boys! would love to eat breakfast with her and our babes.

  • I think I’d travel to Ireland and take my husband with me so we could have a peaceful breakfast watching the sun rise over the Cliffs of Moher!

  • I would go to Alabama to spend the morning with my BFF who I haven’t seen in over a year.

  • Colleen

    I’d surprise my nieces with a picnic breakfast in the park. They always like to say that “maybe sometime” I’ll come join them for lunch (which is hard to do when you’re miles away and working) so they would love this!

    • Whithey Gossard

      I would travel to Washington to have breakfast with my best friend!

  • I’d travel to Seattle and bring coffee and muffins to my sweet friend who has a micro-premie in the NICU right now!

  • Angela Lenczycki

    I would travel to Italy to spend time with my cousin who has children the same age as mine. It would’ve great if we lived closer so the kids could grow up together!

  • I would travel to southern California with my hubby to see the beach πŸ™‚ I am pregnant with our third child, so a vacation before that would be awesome! Hey, I can dream, right?

  • Jacqueline Irwin

    I would travel to California with my husband to have a breakfast in the summer warmth! Possibly at Disneyland.

  • Allison

    I would travel to Mexico and have a nice vacation while not pregnant for once!

  • Colleen

    Always in search of comfy heels. ..whether pregnant or not! And the “perfect bag”–seems like lily jade might be close!! If I were able, I would fly to visit any of my kids’ godparents. They’re all over…but if I had to choose a visit based on place AND people vs just the people, I’d wind up in Wyoming or Montana (although until he’s ordained that godfather is in Denver. then he will be in the Helena area.) Wish I wore my pregnancies as pretty as you! It’s beautiful because it’s a miracle. but I look at a potato chip while pregnant and instantly swell, it seems. Home stretch for you!

  • Christi

    I would travel to New Mexico to have breakfast with a friend I miss dearly.

  • Deadra Vandermeer

    I would travel to Mississippi to see my dear friend of many years. We both love having a good breakfast but don’t get to see each other often.

  • I would travel to Poland to see my grandparents. I haven’t seen them in so long and I hope I get to again one day. I am pregnant with thier first great grand child.

  • chani wertheimer

    I would travel to Washington to have breakfast with my best friend who I never get to see.

  • Megan Davis

    I would travel to Tennessee to have a morning with my sister!

  • I would travel to anywhere to have one last breakfast with my grandmothers! I didn’t get to ask them enough or learn enough from them.
    I would also love to see a lifelong friend in Knoxville whom I haven’t seen in years.

  • Kimberly Rampersad

    I would love to go to Scotland to have Breakfast with my aunt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Princess Lee

    I would travel a thousand miles to Oman just to see my bestfriend. We haven’t seen each other for 5 years. I miss our long talks over a cup of coffee. I miss her company. Now that we became mothers, how fun would that be seeing both our girls play while we talk & reminisce about everything!

  • I would go to Ireland with my mother – I’ve always wanted to go and she has always wanted to go back. πŸ™‚

  • Chantel

    I’m fortunate to have a lot of family living close by, but most of my husband’s family lives in Manchester, England. So I’d fly there with him (is that allowed? (;) to have a full English breakfast, plus bacon butties on the side, with his mum. Because seeing each other once a year just isn’t enough! (:

  • Ola kaddoura

    i would travel to dubai to meet up with my best friends ..

  • Heather Moore

    I would love to travel to Berlin to spend a morning with my dear friend Lea. We haven’t seen each other in 5 years, but talk often. She’s the best!

  • Jessica Orlando

    I would travel to Nevada to catch up with my dear friend Kristin and her babies!

  • Leah Russell

    I would to love to fly to Ohio and visit my family and take my family,my fiance,my son to meet everyone in Ohio, miss them a lot.

  • Lovely picks!
    I would travel to Delaware- exotic I know – to see my new niece. I can never get enough Q-T with her!

  • Brunch on the beach–any beach–with my hubby. It’s so nice to sip your coffee to the sound of waves and seagulls.

  • Katrina v

    I would travel to Barrie, Ontario to visit my friend Erica… Wish we lived next door to each other!

  • katie m

    I would fly my family out to Indiana so my grandfather could meet his great granddaughter for the first time. My grandparents recently moved out there from California. He has always been one of my favorite people in my life, and he inspired us for our daughter’s middle name, Verne. I miss him so much.

  • Valerie

    i would travel (alone! What a concept!) home to Las Vegas to visit my mom for breakfast! Having kids and living cross country is so hard some days, I would love to just have one relaxing morning!

  • I would travel to New York to visit my little sister πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay

    I would travel to San Jose to visit my best friend who just had her second baby girl!

  • I would travel to Hawaii and have breakfast with my hubby. Kid free time is a luxury!

  • I would love to take my husband to Italy! I got to study abroad in Florence in college, but my hubby gave up his chance to go for a semester his senior year so we could get married.

  • I would travel to Chattanooga, TN to have coffee with my sister in law and a walk around her gorgeously quaint neighborhood.

  • I would travel with my mother to Germany.

  • I’d go to SoCal and have breakfast with my sister. Wait. If we could travel anywhere, I would fly us both to the Cinque Terre in Italy. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bethany Coski

    Oh, to be in Great Falls, Montana. I would love tho visit my older sister, Amber, and kiss my twin nieces. We would laugh and cry about life and just BE!

  • DanielleD

    I would travel to Dallas to see my lifelong best friend . We haven’t gotten together in 2 years b/c of life getting too busy πŸ™

  • If I could travel anywhere, I’d travel back in time to spend one more breakfast with my grandmother. She was such a kind and extraordinary woman.

    Since that isn’t plausible, I’d go to Waikit with my family & have breakfast on the shore.

  • I’d travel to Spain to have breakfast in the Plaza Mayor of Segovia with my memories of time spent there.

  • Amy Garrett

    I would travel to Oklahoma to visit my brother and his wife and their new baby!!! <3

  • I would travel to the Bahamas to have breakfast with my Dad. I haven’t seen him since last July when he came to visit.

  • Karen X

    If love to have a morning in Alaska with the ocean, mountains, some orcas swimming, and my husband by my side!

    Dark chocolate mocha, hashbrowns, eggs, & sausage, please!

  • Mingie Holland

    I would travel to Hong Kong to visit my grandma, who just turned 100!

  • Chelbel

    I would travel to Costa Rica and enjoy a delicious breakfast, amazing cup of coffee, and the tropical morning dew with family friends. They always made our mornings special!

  • Carmen Miller

    Well my answer might be a little different in that I would travel to heaven to spend one morning with my daughter who is gone from us. If that were only possible, that would be my choice.

  • Jean Quinn

    I would go back to Hawaii to see the friends I left without saying goodbye. I lived on the BI for 5 years when my father, in Boston, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I left immediately. It would fill my heart to see them again.

  • I’d love to travel just down the highway for a quiet morning picnic with my husband. We never get mornings together (weekend or otherwise) so it would be nice to have that time. πŸ™‚

  • Hannah Kvamme

    Albuquerque to have a cup of tea with my Nano.

  • Kara Wubbens

    To the beach to see my mom

  • I would travel to Hawaii to visit one of my besties! Tagged on Insta too (kaizenfashion)

  • I would travel to New Orleans with my husband to relive a bit of our honeymoon and have beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde!

  • Holly V.

    I would travel to San Francisco to have breakfast with my college roommates.

  • Cassandra Morgan

    I would go visit one of my childhood friends in Texas! Even though we haven’t seen each other in years we’ve been able to keep a close friendship πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to California to visit my old youth pastors and their daughters. They moved there to plant a new church.

  • Back to Atlanta (since we just moved away) to spend the morning with my girlfriends.

  • I would travel to Poland to visit my in laws who we haven’t seen in 7 years. They are such wonderful people and we miss them so much! We are hoping to get there next year with our new baby (and our 4 and 7 year olds) and I’d be thrilled to travel with a beautiful Lily Jade backpack!

  • Vanessa

    I would go to Australia to visit a friend.

  • Jessica

    I would head to the Great Barrier Reef and scuba dive my heart out!

  • Kristin

    I would travel to Oregon to spend the morning with my lovely friend that moved up there in February and I miss her dearly. It would be a fabulous coffee date that I have been craving!

  • I would travel to heaven to have breakfast with my grandpa who passed seven years ago and I still miss him!

  • I would go to England and have breakfast with Princess Kate!

  • Christina F.

    I’d head to CA for a morning with an old friend there. Having kids and living on opposite coasts makes it really hard to find a time to chat!

  • Illinois to have coffee on the front porch with my mom.

  • I’d brave the heat of Phoenix to spend time with my best friend. Now that we’re adults living halfway across the country from each other, with kids and bills, we just don’t see each other enough!

  • Jessica

    I would travel to Singapore to reunite with a dear friend and have her show me around!

  • I’d fly to Montana and have breakfast with my sister.

  • I would travel to Kansas City to spend a morning with my sister πŸ™‚

  • Alyssa Miles

    I would travel to Las Vegas to visit my aunt and uncle. Monique and Noel have never met my kids before, so they’d love us visiting them. I’d love getting to go out on the Henderson Lake again also! πŸ˜€

  • Callie B

    I would travel to Healy, AK where my hubby is working. I hate being apart from him!

  • Chelsea

    I would travel home to Anchorage, Alaska, to surprise my best friend, who just found out she is (unexpectedly!) pregnant, so I could give her a big hug in person.

  • Catherine F

    I’d go to Buffalo to visit my grandmother!

  • Jenesse

    New York to be with my mom and step dad.

  • Courtney

    I would travel to Alabama and have breakfast on the beach with my mom and sister.

  • I would travel to California, to see my best friend , Elizabeth, so we could catch over coffee and doughnuts! And, most likely go window shopping!

  • Krista Smith Meloche

    I would love to go to Haiti and volunteer at a school and meet al the kids!

  • Darren.

    I would travel to California to see my family.

  • Fantasy world: I would travel to Heaven to be with my grandmas for a bit. πŸ™‚
    Real world: I would travel to Paris with my fiancé so we could get married under the Eiffel Tower!

  • I would go to Heaven to have coffee with my parents! πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to Buenos Aires to see my husband’s family because I miss them oh so much!

  • Megan Dunaway

    With my grandmother in Illinios. I haven’t seen her and she hasn’t seen me since my grandfather’s funeral over a year ago.

    • Megan Dunaway

      I forgot to add that she hasn’t seen my son since then either.

  • iamalighthouse

    I’d travel to Arizona to see my childhood friend!

  • My favorite breakfast date was my best friend, who passed away a year ago. Man, we could shut a place down talking and draining their coffee supply!!! I miss those breakfasts so much it physically hurts. Aside from talking again with her over some amazing gorgeousness covered in syrup with bacon beside it, I’d sit on the porch of La Poesia inn in Monterosso, Italy, where I watched my children scamper under lemon trees with mouths full of focaccia. Probably one of the closest things to heaven on earth. πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to Vietnam to have lunch with\meet my husband’s extended family.

  • Jennifer Sebby

    I would travel to Shaw Island, Washington to see my dearest friend Diana and talk about her life as a midwifery student and how our children are growing up way to fast.

  • Beth Z. Patt

    Anywhere I go, it wouldn’t be the same without my husband there to share it with.

  • Lisa Peterson

    I’d fly across the country to Atlanta for a morning with my bestie. And hope the time change wasn’t too confusing. πŸ™‚

  • Kelly Sullivan

    I would travel to California to have breakfast with my grandparents who I don’t get to see very often.

  • Kristen

    I’d travel to Austin to visit friends.

  • Annette

    I’d want to enjoy a morning with my friend Cindy, who I haven’t seen in over 10 years.

  • Tannis W

    I’d travel to Abbotsford, BC to visit a friend from college.

  • I would travel to upstate NY to have breakfast with my mom, then go further north to have brunch with my best friend. Because two breakfasts > one.

  • I’ve been a longtime fan of radiolab. If I could travel anywhere and have breakfast with someone it would be with Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich in NY.

  • I would love to visit the last place my family and I had our family reunion when my grandparents were still with us. That’s Covina, California. My cousins are still there and I haven’t seen them in ages.

  • Nelly B

    I would travel to Virginia to see my sister and nephew!!

  • Victoria

    I would go to Arizona to see my sister. Now that I have a baby, we have been closer than ever. Sadly I live so far away and it’s hard to find time to ask her all the important mommy question, or at least just what is normal for a baby. πŸ™‚

  • angie kim

    I would travel with my mom… we’d travel the world.so she could see the beauty of the world rather than just her work. And be able to show her how thankful I am to her.

  • Id take my mom to tonga, she hasnt been home in over 30 years!

  • I’d take my mom to Argentina, because it has been on her bucket list for years and I know she wouldn’t go unless one of us goes with her.

  • briana Caraballo-flores

    I would travel with my husband to the beautiful beaches of Bermuda and watch the sunset. Cant remember whens the last tme we had a real date minus out two little ones. ♡♡♡♡

  • Elizabeth Vassallo

    I would travel to Hawaii to have breakfast and lots of coffee with my best friend. It has been years since we have physically seen each other but she is always available to listen and share pare things challenges and joyous moments!

  • Shannon

    I would travel to England and have breakfast with a good friend who is teaching over there

  • Oahu with the hubby would be a splendid morning!

  • Tracy Gordon

    I would go visit my sweet friend Carissa in Florida to give her a big hug and catch up!

  • Phylicia Morris

    I would go to Stone Mountain, GA. My son is almost 2 and with me living in Ohio, a lot of my family haven’t seen me in years; yet alone had the chance to meet my son!

  • Stephanie Sangatanan

    I would travel to the Phillipines to meet my sponsored child for the first time!

  • Elizabeth Welk

    If I could have breakfast anywhere and with anyone…I’d love to have a breakfast in Paris with my husband. Work keeps him away from the home more than he’d like to admit, and also keeps him overly stressed. :/

  • Haley W.

    I’d LOVE to have breakfast with my sister and hold my sweet new nephew. We were pregnant together and with 6 years between us, it’s the closest I’ve ever felt to my big sister. I’m on bed rest and not able meet the munchkin until September when I deliver but I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Liz Ticona

    Hands down , I’d travel to New Jersey to see my dad who lives there & spend the whole morning chatting with him. I try to see him a few times a year, but living in FL with a toddler & now expecting my 2nd baby boy this July it’s been hard & i miss him …

  • Morgan Hood

    I would travel to Nashville to visit with a friend I haven’t seen in years!!!!

  • Jennifer p

    I would travel to Idaho to visit with a really great lady I used to work with. She kept me positive and have great advice through my first pregnancy.

  • I would travel to Alabama to visit my Daddy.

  • Jennifer Kreisler

    I would travel to Michigan to spend the day sipping coffee, singing songs and making memories with my mom on her front deck.

  • Kirsten

    I would take my daughters to Tahiti. My great-grandmother was a Tahitian princess and it has long been a dream of mine to visit the land where she lived.

  • jillian

    i would go back to santorini with my husband πŸ™‚ he is the best travel partner πŸ™‚ xo jillian

  • Cindy B

    I would love to have a morning with either (or both if possible) of my now deceased grammas (one I never knew and the other I miss terribly). I’d bring my parents and family along, too, so they could have time with them… if it were possible. If it had to be someone actually possible I’d spend the morning with my sister as I haven’t spent much time with her in several years as she and I don’t live in the same state. πŸ™‚

  • Ashley T

    I would travel to Prince Edward Island with my mom and have fresh picked Apple cobbler for breakfast, French press coffee, and a mimosa.

  • Danielle

    I’d travel somewhere calm and quiet to have a morning alone with my husband.

  • Juliet Kiyai

    If I could travel anywhere, it would be to Ithaca, NY to see my best friend of almost 15 years!!! We haven’t seen each other since 2011 and I miss her terribly!

  • Tawny logan

    I would travel to Joplin, MO to see my daughters godmother! She’s been my closest friend since birth, and we haven’t seen each other since we were in each other’s weddings. I am dying for her and my little one to finally meet in person!

  • Maranna

    I would travel to washington state to see my sister. We’re both pregnant and on opposite sides of the country ?

  • Rachelle

    I’d travel anywhere to have a morning adventure with my husband. Our little one is due in less than a month & I want to spend more alone time with him among the bustle as we prepare for our biggest adventure yet!

  • Allison

    I would travel to Disneyland with my daughter so she could have the experience of having breakfast with Mickey Mouse!

  • Kristen

    I would travel to see my friend crystal in Alabama. We’ve been friends online forever but have never had the opportunity to meet in person. She is such a kindred spirit and I’m so thankful for her friendship. I’m grateful to the wonderful Internet for bringing us together!

  • To Austin to see my two sisters… We are rarely in the same place together, and tomorrow morning would be my last chance to catch them both! <3

  • Mansi patel

    I would go to Manchester, England where I grew up for fourteen years and haven’t had the chance to go back. I would meet up with my high school bestie and catch up on life, laughs and our kids

  • Would love to travel to my inlaws to have a peaceful morning in the middle of the nowhere. It’s so quiet there that you can here the trees in the wind. And best part there isn’t any cellphone service so it’s complete relaxation.

  • Hmmmm, so many of my best friends live here … could I transport us both to a beach in Maui or a cafe in Savannah for breakfast?

  • Kelly Elkins

    I would travel to Washington DC to visit one of my best friends who just had a baby boy in March! Would love to snuggle that sweet boy and catch up with his mama!

  • Lisa troyer

    My friend, Shannon, has an exquisite 100 year old old home, in Lancaster, PA. I dream of spending days chatting, exploring, and dreaming with her there.

  • Ally Monroe

    My best friend and I grew up next door to one another. I would love to go to New Jersey and have breakfast with her and her growing family. I miss seeing her every day….

  • Candace McArthur

    I would head up to Colorado to see my 2 best friends from college!

  • Jenae Hennessey

    I think if I could travel anywhere right now I’d go to Manchester, England to see my husband’s family. They haven’t been able to meet our 13 month old daughter yet, and we always have such a great time when we’re all together.

    I’m flying solo ATL to Cali with the little one in July, and that bag looks like it would be the perfect accessory to get all of her stuff and mine onto the plane in an organized fashion!

  • Caitlin McGhee

    I would travel to Lees Summit, MO to have breakfast with my Grandma. We share a birthday and I would love to celebrate with her this year!!

  • Fiona Ross

    I would travel to Chad to be with my mother. I haven’t seen her in 3 years

  • Heather Dippold

    I would travel to Denver to have breakfast and coffee with my best friend of 22 years.

  • Meghann Muncy

    I would travel to Aruba to spend the morning on the beach with my husband! We love it there. ❤️

  • I would take my beautiful new lily jade πŸ˜‰ to Arizona to spend my morning with my best friend in the world…my sister. She moved there 5 years ago and I miss her every second. Our first born children are 6 days apart and we have shared so much together. Plus Arizona is a fabulous place to spend some time soaking up some sunshine.

  • I would travel to Boston with my babies and enjoy breakfast with my sister that I miss dearly.

  • Ali Celestino

    I’d travel to see my mother.

  • I’d fly to Virgina to see my sweet godkids that just got baptized this past Easter. Had to have a proxy. Had to have a proxy, and what I would give to get to hug their sweet necks!

  • Dina Satriale

    I would travel to South Carolina to visit my sister in law who I miss like crazy:-(

  • Candace Galan-Calderon

    To Mexico to spend some time with my mother in law.

  • I would travel back in time to have breakfast with my Grandma when she was alive and healthy. She lived for her grandkids and called me “her #1 granddaughter” because I was the first πŸ™‚

  • Tara Craig

    I would travel to California to spend a morning (and hopefully more than that) with a family so dear to me. When they lived in Pennsylvania I was their nanny. Though they moved many years ago, they’ll always be close to my heart. The three girls who are now grown and breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to introduce them to my littles. A Lily Jade bag would be just the thing to have us traveling in organized style.

  • I’d head to Seattle to visit my brother. He always comes to us and I haven’t seen where he’s lived for the past few years.

  • Sabrina Radke

    I would love to travel to my home state of Arizona and enjoy a beautiful morning with my grandmother and great grandmother.

  • Christine M

    I would love to travel to London to have tea with my namesake cousin.

  • Cathy B*****y

    Travel desire? To visit my son in California! !

  • I would travel with my husband and three sweeties to North Carolina so my husband could see his family he hasn’t seen in over ten years!

  • Susan Blackman Sharp

    I would love to go to Heaven and back to see my Daddy and MaMa one last time! We lost them both in 2014! I love and miss them so much! Thank you!

  • Penny Phillips

    I would love to visit my husband in Iraq!

  • Carla S

    I would travel to Moncks Corner, SC to see my grandmother.

  • Shayna D

    I would travel back to Florence with my husband and drink coffee as we people watched

  • Lee Alice Tucker

    I would love to go back to Cancun again’

  • Lisa Weeks

    I would love to take a trip to the North Shpre of Oahu to have breakfast on the beach with my girls i was raised with!!

  • Bethany H

    I would travel to Norway and visit my relatives in their amazing cabin overlooking a fjord. Nothing like family, a great Norwegian breakfast, and that amazing view!

  • Audrey Brewer

    I would travel with my husband to Tofino on Vancouver Island. It was our most memorable trip, pre-children. We’d LOVE to go back one day.

  • I’d travel to Paris and spend time with my fiancé.

  • Ashley Bell

    I would travel to Reno, NV to have to spend the morning with my sister and her three girls.

  • Veronica

    A few years ago I got to travel with my husband to Paris… I would love to have breakfast in bed with him again… with the windows open and the Eiffel Tower looking at us!!!

  • Emmeline

    My first thought was, “which friend have I not seen in awhile that I’d love to visit with?” That would be my dear Charis Cochran who I roomed with in grad school. We had many wild adventures. She has recently transplanted to LA.

    But my other pick would be to go with my BFF husband to Tuscany. That’s my dream.

    • Emmeline

      Charis is also mostly from Atlanta, a little bit from HI, CA, TX & FL! Fun memories of Woodstock, GA!

  • A morning with my grandmother in korea!

  • rachel cartucci

    I would travel to North Carolina to be with my sister. That is just where I want to be right now…..but i’m all pregnant and just live at the doctors office these days. UGH.

  • I would Travel anywhere to have a morning with my mom?

  • I really wish (and hope and pray) I could “travel” to the new home that we haven’t discovered yet in the Minneapolis area, and host family and friends in a guest room or two and share meals and walks together so they could meet our sweet little 3 week old baby!

  • Meghan W

    I have lived and traveled to many wonderful, exotic places over the years, but if I could travel anywhere for a morning I would head back to my childhood home state to have breakfast on the beach in St. Augustine, FL with my oldest friend.

  • Maggie Broderick

    I would travel to NYC. My cousin/twin just graduated with her Master’s in Social Work this week, and we still have to celebrate in person.

  • Katie Lang

    To a tiny little town called Tofte, MN to see my mom in her little cabin in the woods.

  • Priscilla S

    Oklahoma to visit friends

  • London, to visit my favourite Royal Ballet dancers πŸ™‚ (and watch them perform too!)

  • Diana C

    Miami to visit some friends at the beach.

    Diana C

  • Rebecca N

    Bay Area to visit dear friends from college

  • Susan Christy

    I’d travel anywhere in the world for Mick Jagger. If he’d meet me in Switzerland, that would be perfect. πŸ™‚

  • My grandmother always wanted to visit the Crystalline Turquoise Lake, Jiuzhaigou Valley in China so that would be an amazing place to visit.

  • New Orleans to sip coffee and eat my weight in beignets with my mama!

  • 1) I’d travel to Indiana to see the nun that used to babysit me when I was a little girl. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I would love to see her.

  • Cassandra

    Oh goodness! I would travel to France with my mommy because we have always dreamed of going there together

  • Rachele W.

    Home, to the Bay Area for brunch & shopping with my mom! We’ve grown into the best of friends, I miss her bunches and loathe all the miles between us!

  • I would visit my mom! I miss her!

  • Man, I would go see my sister back in Africa. Thanks!

  • Sarah Hudson

    Minneapolis for a coffee date with my friend Meri. She moved away nearly 3 years ago. We talk and text often, but a face to face coffee date would be so great!

  • Chantelle Walker

    I’m very blessed to have my family all be no more than an hour drive away. My grandparents and mom being 20 minutes, aunt and uncle 30, and my brother and niece 45. πŸ™‚ But if I could travel to have a morning with anyone? My best friend πŸ™‚ She’s in Hawaii now because her husband got stationed there. Miss her so much!
    Thank you for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  • I’d fly to see my dad, sister, niece, and nephew who live in Florida (I’m in Michigan). I miss them terribly every day.

  • I’d have a Parisian breakfast with my husband in Paris. No guilt about carbs over there πŸ™‚

  • I would travel to South Africa, to visit my friends Richard and Sweetness. They showed me to true beauty of friendship and hospitality the moment I met them.

  • Lauren Liverman

    You have beautiful taste! I’m pregnant with my first (13 weeks along), and would love suggestions for places to look for good staple pieces for when I’m further along. My sweet sister has given me a bunch of adorable tops and dresses, but I’m going to need some skirts and pants to wear to work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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