When everyone wants to feed the new baby.

August 18, 2015

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Each baby of mine has shown little glimpses of their personalities very early on. I already know Rocco is going to have a feisty side. He demands to eat right away when he is hungry, and his little squawk resembles a cat who has gotten his tail stepped on. It is quite humorous. Like many newborn boys, they prefer to eat constantly and with haste!

I have been lucky enough to breastfeed each of my babies, and I would say I look forward to that now with my fourth more than ever because despite all the craziness around me, it forces me to sit and stare at my baby. It allows me the chance to have some close one on one time with him. I like to introduce a bottle to my babies very early on in case of emergencies (I have gotten very sick before when Gabriel was a baby and he refused to take a bottle!), and to also give Gabe and the kids a chance to feed the baby once in a while. But geez, it can be tough to find a bottle my babies actually don’t notice a difference with! Rocco for instance is already particular about his pacifier.

Little one | In Honor of DesignFather - son

When I was in fury nesting mode I went through the baby aisles and happened upon the new Munchkin Latch bottle. I noticed the shape, accordion like base, and anti-colic air valve. I was really impressed with the design and price tag, so I snatched it up. I wasn’t in love with any of the bottles I previously used so I thought I would give it a go. Well as you can see, it was a winner.

Rocco loved his first bottle Gabe was able to give him, and of course Gabe loved being able to feed him. He gulped it down without choking (which he can’t seem to do even when he breastfeeds!), and he immediately took to it without so much as a grimace or a squirm. My little ones understand that mommy has “bottles in her stomach” which allows me to feed Rocco, so when they got an opportunity to feed him they were beside themselves. Max wanted in on some of the fun as well….

Brothers | In Honor of Design

The latch bottle also came in handy this past weekend as I traveled to Chicago with Rocco for a conference I was mentoring at. I had brought along the bottle and breastmilk bag just in case there was a long stretch and Rocco started to demand his next meal;)

It’s funny the little things that make you excited as a mother, like bottle forms and swaddle blankets. But I guess they aren’t so little when it is something that creates moments like these that become quite a big deal in your memory book of life, right? 

I think every mother knows the best way to feed and nourish their child…. the best schedules or non schedules, bottle fed or breastfed or both, and sometimes it ends up being different than we hoped or planned. However, I think every baby knows when they are being fed with love and a nurturing hand that is for sure. I just wish this newborn phase would stretch a whole lot longer. When he fits into his dad’s forearm like a glove, and when he falls asleep as soon as his mama snuggles him up, and when they can sleep through a train wreck (or three boisterous siblings – same thing…).I’ll just keep holding onto him in case these moments should try to escape my grasp!

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  • oh my goodness, Anna, you look so beautifully content in these photos. I’m sure life has been crazy with another little one (so amazed by your travel log to Chicago already), but you wear it all so well! I’m not in this stage of life yet but I so appreciate your sweet words and positive outlook on a big family.

    xx, leslie

  • These photos are absolutely precious. I agree—no matter how you feed your baby, all that matters is that you’re feeding him/her with a loving hand (or boob!). Thanks for the bottle recommendation. I’m going to check it out now!

  • Those bottles look amazing! If we happen to be blessed with a third baby in our family I’m definitely going to look into these ones because like you, I’ve yet to find ones that I love!


  • Oh, Anna! These photos are just incredible! You look gorgeous & Rocco is just precious! Many many congrats to you, Gabe, and family! (Wish we lived closer… I’m pretty sure my three boys have a blast (& get into all kinds of trouble) with yours… Just missing the girl…! 😉
    I’m so selfish when it comes to my newborns & totally use breast feeding as an excuse not to hog feeding time for myself – ha! But thank you for the recommendation – it is always good to know which is a good bottle since there are so many options!

    • Oh thank you Laura! I so wish we were neighbors;)
      And I am with you…feeding Rocco is my little escape from the chaos (at least when Gabe is home!) and I love the time to be with them:-)

  • What amazing photos and moments you’ve captured here. I’ve never heard of the Latch bottle, but will for sure keep it in mind next time around. Bottle feeding is a great way to let dad bond with baby as well. I know my fiance loved when we started bottle feeding because it meant he could help out more. Many blessings to you and your family! (:

  • Beautiful photos! These are precious moments, cherish every second… <3

  • Bri Garbani

    “…little ones understand that mommy has ‘bottles in her stomach'”

    This made me smile – always a pleasure to read!

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