Easter Basket Stuffers

March 17, 2016

easter basket - girl

Here are a few adorable Easter basket stuffers I found this year! I am always looking for ideas so I thought I’d share with you all in case you need some sugar-free ideas too.

Girl Basket:
Confetti Popper
Bamboo Eatery set
Garden tools (similar)
Oh Joy! Bandaids
(Almost all items found in the Target dollar bins!)

easter basket - boy


Boy Basket:
Fork and Spoon set
Handmade Bunny Bonnet
Bunny Lapin Rattle
Garden tools (similar)
Wooden bunny push toy


Easter is a really special time for our family. We observe the 40 days of Lent in honor of Christian tradition of God’s 40 days in the desert, so Easter Sunday is a big celebration of the Resurrection. The little treats and surprises we explain are just a part of that big party and the reason we celebrate. We also have a feast with family (here’s my traditional menu lineup!), egg hunts, and sunrise Mass. Do you have any Easter traditions?

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  • I try to stuff the baskets with sugar free treats as well. I usually get my kids their swimsuits and maybe a beach towel, plastic eggs with money inside and a few candies. We always go to church on Easter but we go almost every Sunday. After, we go to my cousin’s and he has a potluck lunch with an egg hunt after. And this year he changed it up a bit and we are supposed to wear an Easter ugly sweater. Oh! Reminds me I need to look for one…

  • LOVE these ideas!!! thanks for sharing, I need to get shopping!!!

    Simply Shaunacey

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