Coconut Breakfast Bowls

April 27, 2016

coconut breakfast bowls


I have actually never attempted to crack a coconut. They aren’t easy let me tell ya, but in some odd way, they are kind of stress relieving to break. I know, odd. The good thing is, they make all breakfast items new to little ones as they sit in awe over their makeshift bowls and ask fifty-two questions about where they come from, how they are grown, and if they are edible;) So here’s to another victory morning in conquering grains for a more energy driven breakfast.

Coconut Breakfast Bowls
Raw Cashews (Or unsalted)
Cottage Cheese
Coconut Halves (Save the juice!)

Super simple combos are what is working for us! Shoot over any additional ideas, and we will try them out! In case you missed, last week’s breakfast hack here.

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  • Wow this looks delicious! I don’t really like coconut like that but I would definitely eat this!

    • I use full fat coconut milk for recipes, but other than that I am with ya. I love the shells for fun ways to get my little ones to eat a healthy breakfast! 😉

  • This is such a cool idea! The only thing I’m wondering about, though, is how you eat the coconut. I once had raw coconut and it was kind of hard (maybe it just wasn’t ripe?) and difficult to chew. Did you find the coconut pretty easy to scoop up with the other parts of the breakfast bowl?

  • Pat Schwab

    Hi Anna, I got an email add today from Old Navy and there you were. Pat S

  • so sad that I’m allergic to 2/3 of your breakfast bowl ingredients (including the pineapple as coconut bowls). They look beautiful! Papaya can also be a good vessel, had fruit bowls in Haiti years ago with papaya bowls and they were soooo good!

  • Mmm! Looks yummy!

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