Kitchen Schemes and Dreams

July 15, 2016

The kitchen has always been the place I consider the heart of the home. Growing up, we spent hours in my grandmother’s small kitchen around her table as it seemed she would multiply the loaves and fishes from a few tortillas and feed the masses. She wasn’t just feeding us, but providing a place we always knew would find welcome. It was the same in my own home, where I would spend many hours around the table for family dinners. So much life happened in those kitchens! I hope the same for all who walk through ours. That they feel welcome, loved, and appreciated. With this goal in mind, here are a few elements we are going to aim for as we start the kitchen reno process…


Grey Toned Kitchen


1.Colors – White is dreamy, but not quite something I want to be srubbing down every 2.5 seconds for the next ten years. I am really drawn to these tones and colors for countertops, cabinets, wall space, etc. A lighter grey may still show wear but it’s a little easier to work with and compliments just about every color in the book.

grey brick

2. Brick – I’ll never get it out of my system, so might as well yield to it! Every time I have been to NYC, I want to take home the brick walled apartments in my suitcase. We are going with a lighter color in both the brick and mortar like this grey washed wall. I will be seeking the help of brilliant wall artist Emily Pope Harris.

bronze and gold finishes

3. Cabinets – Considering handles and finishes are the easiest thing to swap in and out over the years without spending a pretty penny, this is one of the elements I would like to keep on the modern side. Without replacing the cabinets altogether (which is the most costly aspect of a kitchen next to countertops) we are going to change the doors to either double narrow fronts or glass. I love the combination of a narrow cabinet door with a tall sleek handle.

4. Arches – Custom window shapes can completely change the look and feel of a space. Since the goal is to have some European elements throughout the home, an arched window would be pretty dreamy. The frame on this one is so unique!
brass faucet and deep sinks

5. Faucet and Sink – Oh my lawdy this faucet gives me the goosebumps! Swoon. Go ahead and check out the rest of Beth Kirby’s kitchen. You won’t regret the drool that will form a puddle below your jaw. Something so simple as a faucet can offer so much character to a kitchen. The copper with grey marble combination is a match made in heaven. If anything were to lure me to do dishes, it would be a curvy faucet. Ok I’m done….moving on now.
stove heaven

6. Finials – Well shoot. Did you ever think a stove could be so attractive. I’m ruined. Brass finials have done me over!

kitchen scheme

7. Lighting – Hanging pendants over our island makes the most sense for offering a good light source and visual balance. I am currently hunting for similar ones to the above in different colors. The hunt is all part of the fun!

I’ve started a kitchen pinterest board to organize some thoughts, but I always feel the need to have the visuals right in front of me before making decisions. I’ll share that part of the process soon.

At the end of the day, I am just thankful for running water and working dishwasher! I consider them both luxuries.

Happy weekend folks!

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  • These kitchens are fantastic x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • You’ve picked out such gorgeous features! I absolutely love that brick wall – I’m hoping to incorporate something like that into our next kitchen! Can’t wait to see what you guys end up doing with your kitchen renovation!

  • Love your style and thought process! Your sources are on point. All the best with your new home and renovations!!

  • Gorgeous stuff – I’m partial to a lovely muted green with off-white in a kitchen, with wooden benchtops. It seems to cottage-y and home-y!

  • Ha! Running water is a good thing. But I can’t wait to see what you do with your Kitchen. I love the cabinet ideas and faucet ideas.

  • leticia justus

    As soon as I saw your kitchen dreams photos I immediately thought of Liz Quick’s kitchen and house from The Quick Journey blog. You two design your homes in a similar way. You should check her out. She is a fellow sweet blogger that I bet you would connect with in many ways including having a home of littles 🙂

  • Heidi Ferguson

    Always love your style Anna! We are JUST starting to build our house and are in the process of picking out appliances, faucets, cabinetry, tile, wood floors (our builder does it a little different than most- you go choose what you “think” you might want BEFORE you even break ground and it gives him an idea on giving us a quote for the cost of building the house-minor details can change-it just gives him an idea of the “category” and budget we will be in). The style I’m going for is modern farmhouse/utilitarian (think fixxer upper exact a tad more modern). Anyway, we meet with tile/countertop people tomorrow and I’m completely TORN on COUNTERTOPS!!! You didn’t mention Carrara marble as you countertop of choice – OR ARE YOU THINKING OF SOMETHING DIFFERENT? I had thought I’d love to go with concrete but it’s not going to look right with the shaker style LIGHT GRAY painted cabinets I’m doing. Like you, I’m obsessed with bronze/brushed gold fixtures and will be going that route. Sooooo, what are you thinking on countertops??? I’ve done TONS of research and KNOW THAT MARBLE is MAJOR upkeep and shows watermarks/stains….however, I just cannot wrap my mind around quartz or other look alikes….

  • Hi, I would love to know the source of the counter stools. Can you provide the info?
    Thanks so much …

    • I was wondering if you ever found a source for the white and gold pendant lights!

  • Hi! I’m in love with this countertop! What is it?

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