A date with my daughter.

August 10, 2016

mother daughter style

Me: Denim, tank topField Jacket (another similar option), Tie-up flats, Necklace
Veronica: Denim, Top, JacketFlats 

With the summer wrapping up, and my little ones going back to school this week, things have been spinning around here! I have realized that since it’s so easy to get caught up in juggling our family routines, we need to make more of a conscious effort to have some one on one time with each of our kids when we get an opportunity. Over the weekend Gabe and I got to have some time with just little miss Veronica. We were not short on entertainment. We laughed so hard over how much the girl can chat! She told us every thought that ran through her head and we got to listen, uninterrupted, throughout dinner and an adventure around the city. She sang, skipped, and asked many questions as she has quite a spunky spirit.


fall layers


baby bellies


She requested “cowboy music” on the drive to dinner which is her dad’s influence of old school country (ie: Johnny Cash). We discussed what her first day of school would be like, and how sad she was going to be to leave Rocco every day. She talked about how she wants the new baby to sleep in her room so she could feed and take care of him or her. We also discussed how she wants to be a dentist, artist, or an astronaut when she grows up (but still a ballerina on Wednesdays). I felt lucky to just sit and stare and listen, and soak her up. I love each of my children to pieces, and sometimes I feel like I can never have enough time with each of them. On the way home Gabe and I resolved to do more of this, and can’t wait to do this with our boys too.


mother daughter




We are both wearing pieces from Old Navy’s fall line. I’ve worn rockstar denim for years now since it fits my body type well and is so durable. I am so happy they have some denim options for all of my little ones too. The price is affordable and they work for multiple occasions and styles. I got this pair for Veronica as well as these for the boys. I admit, I never thought I would go for the matchy matchy mom and daughter thing, but Veronica is the one requesting to dress the same! I think I better take advantage of that before it wears off in a few years….ha! There are some super cute boho tops for little girls right now as well as irresistible fall jackets for both ladies and kids.


Veronica and I don’t look a thing alike (she is the spitting image of Gabe!), but I am pretty sure she got my strong willed nature, determination, and sensitivity to others. She has more confidence and courage in her pinky finger than I ever did in my lifetime though, and I hope that never leaves her. Can’t wait to see what Kindergarten looks like on this girl, and all the adventure stories I will surely get an ear of on the drive back from school;)


*This post is sponsored by Old Navy. All opinions are my own.

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  • This post is the sweetest! I have to know – are you still not wearing maternity jeans? Because GIRL. How are you doing this?? I am 5 months pregnant right now and I couldn’t possibly squeeze on my old jeans if life depended on it (thankfully, it doesnt.) Super impressed with you, mama. xox

    • So I totally rubber banded these;) I usually wear a Blanqi maternity tank over pants if they aren’t maternity because they offer awesome support and keep pants up! But girl I feel ya, maternity pants is what I am usually opting for. Posting about that soon!

  • I always love how sweetly you talk about your kids! That last paragraph almost made me tear up – maybe i’m feeling a little emotional – but they are lucky to have you as their mama. And her tiny flats are too cute!

  • This is so sweet and beautiful! love how intentional you are with your children. I’m sure it’s not easy to make the one on one time happen, but you know that those are the days she is going to remember!
    Nicole | http://www.bynicolegeorge.com

  • beautiful girlies!! your baby girl’s hair is goooorgeous! and how sweet that she is such a care-taker mini-mama! i love having a little lady to help me out with baby brother. it’s pretty sweet how big their hearts can be!

    • Oh thank you! It has been so fun to see her bond with her baby brother. I know she will go crazy for this new baby too. They have so much love to give!

  • These outfits are so darling!


  • I didn’t see Veronica’s shoes on the Old Navy website. Are they still there and I just missed them?

  • Both of you are so cute!! Veronica is photogenic, she should be in the print ads or children’s store ad display 🙂

  • Love this sweet post! I love the picture of your matching shoe style! Your little girl will treasure the time you spent with her so much! Keep it up, Mama!

  • Pat Schwab

    Anna, This is such a sweet time in Veronica’s life. Will she take a bus to school? Where were the boys? I love little Chatty Cathys. Pat S

    • Thanks Pat! Luckily she gets to drive with her dad to school every day! Her brothers got to have some time with their aunt and uncle while we were on the date:)

  • Adorable!!! And I actually do see a resemblance between you a Veronica! 😉 Too cute!
    Would love details on how you tame and style her hair. My little girl is 21 months and has definitely inherited mine and my husband’s curls. I don’t want to use all the product I put in mine on her, but just a detangler at night isn’t seeming to cut it. 🙂
    Lots of love!

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