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October 26, 2016


Sweater // Denim (similar for $35) // Boots (similar for half the price) // Clutch // Watch // Necklace one and two c/o Gorjana

You readers are what keep this blog going, and so I like to update you from time to time on how we make a business work for our family. Since Gabe is working full time at a school, and I am at home with three little ones (I have two in school), it would seem nearly impossible to keep things afloat here! So we re-grouped before the baby came to determine how to make things flow. It took a good few months to find some sort of pace, and we are still seeking a steady rhythm. However, there are a few things that are helping us out.









Once a week, I work out of the home. I bring Azelie with me, and I go at it for a solid 6 hours straight on writing, content planning, photo editing, answering as many messages and emails possible, and snuggling a babe in between. There is no down time these days, but I certainly use this day as a chance to sip a coffee long and slow. This time broken apart from the home is something I fought for years, but realize that this is the most effective way to balance the work-home life for me at this point in time, and it allows me to free up mental distractions when I am with my children. I know that this designated time is there to address the needs of a business, and I don’t have to have all of the needs pestering at my mind and flowing onto my family. I want so badly for them to have the best of me when I am with them.

We also hired our first employee this year! She is wonderful, and responds to many emails, organizes content, SEO tweaking , and overall being a rockstar. We are so grateful for her! (See her tips on organization of the home and work life.)

There are still early mornings, late nights, and hours on the weekend that Gabe and I put into the blog, (takes more hours than you would guess!), but for the most part, I am fighting hard to keep my mind and heart on these golden years of my children. I know not everyone has the opportunity to have a flexible schedule, so I am deeply grateful for it, even if it means permanent eye bags. We will try to address more questions we have received on this topic in a blog soon, so feel free to keep shooting them our way.

So for today’s style post, this is my work out of home attire. A big comfy tunic sweater, stretchy jeans, and warm OTK boots. Makes me feel put together and ready to kick some inbox tail;)

P.S. For those of you in the Atlanta area, Gabe and I will be at the Garden & Gun Southern Shop Around this Saturday and would love to meet you! It is free to attend from 2-5pm, but if you also want to attend the Southerner’s brunch with us you can grab tickets here!


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Photos by Chelsey Heidorn


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  • It amazes me how much time and effort goes into a blog, especially if you are using it as a business. I telework from home often for my full-time job, but have never ventured out of the home to do my work. I should consider doing that sometime!

    How comfy is that sweater??? I am wearing the same one in ivory, today! Great minds think alike! 😉

    • I even have to cut myself off of how much time I could spend to make it more consistent! But yes, this sweater….I think I am going to get the ivory too because it’s all I want to wear right now:)

  • Hooray for work-life balance, and I’m glad you found a system that works for your family!

    Liz @

  • I love to read posts like this. And you have me seriously considering buying tickets to the brunch. I use to work across the street from The Shops of Buckhead. I think my old office building is now gone.

  • Thanks for giving us this little glimpse into your life! I really like hearing about how you navigate work life, stay at home mom life, and married life-I just gave birth to my first this summer, and I have been trying to figure out this exact balance (although I am nowhere near a professional writer/blogger yet, I hope to get better over time). I really like your idea of physically going to a new area to get work done, and setting that time aside for work!

    • Thank you Annemarie! It has shifted with each phase of our family, and I realized distracted work at home isn’t good for anyone! When I had one baby he slept a good deal so it was much easier to work from home:) I know you will figure it all out too! x

  • This is something that we’ve done this year as well. My husband actually has every other friday off from his job, so on the day, I leave, plow through as many blog related errands and tasks that I can in that day, and then call it good for another two weeks. It’s been a great way to ensure as minimal weekday neglect to the children as possible. Which I say as I’m over here working, my baby is awake in her crib, and my son is watching curious george…

  • You look beautiful!

  • Your Hair looks so nice in this side-tail!

    I hope you have a great Day! 🙂

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita

  • I had my first baby this year and I am still trying to figure out the work at home mom life and balancing act. So I am very impressed you can do it with 5 kiddos! It sounds like you’re doing a great job!

  • Lyn Schneider

    I love reading about you and your sweet and beautiful family! Your blog is one of my favorites…My babies are all grown up with their own kids now, and they share your struggles with balancing family life. You’re doing everything right, trust me! Xoxo

  • Thanks for sharing this post, Anna. I’m also a stay-at-home mom with 2 toddlers and I try to accept freelance work at home (graphic designing and blogging). Your posts and words always inspire me as a mom, how to balance motherhood and work.

    By the way, I was wondering what camera and lens are you using to take pictures for your blog? They look beautiful and pinnable as always!


    • Hi Em, I thought I responded to this so sorry! We use our canon 5d with a 50mm lens:) We had to save up for both, but have proven to be worth it! These photos were taken by Chelsey Heidorn:)

  • Anna! Thanks for sharing how you get things done, it gives me hope. I need to figure it out too!

  • I love this post! I fought my designated time away from home for a long time too, but it’s the only thing that really works for us right now too. Keep doing the beautiful things you’re doing!

  • Oh, I absolutely loved reading this! You are a rockstar for juggling everything like you do!

  • Heidi Ferguson

    I love reading your blog Anna! I know it takes untold hours and hours of prep, planning, picture taking, outfit planning, organizing, typing it up, correcting errors, confirming links.. and then finally hitting POST!! I really appreciate your positivity (so overused these days, but yours is totally genuine!). i ADORE seeing your sweet family and love your creativity! So unique!!! Thank you for giving all of us your best self!!

  • Thank you for the Articles of Society jeans recommendation! Haven’t been able to fit into any of my old jeans 7 weeks postpartum & they were just stretchy enough to fit!! So excited.

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