DIY Animal Planters

January 12, 2017


DIY Animal Planters
You have probably spotted all kinds of planters across our home over the last year. I love every kind, but especially ones with character. I wanted to provide more ideas of ways to make use of what you may already have for home decor. I was so tempted to scoop up a few ceramic animal planters I had seen recently, but it occurred to me that this quirky option could be a fun alternative. These DIY animal planters take about ten minutes to create. I hijacked a few forgotten dinosaurs from the bottom of my son’s toy basket and transformed them into succulent planters and/or bookends. Here is the easy how-to….


Step 1) Cut out a box shape into the back of any rubber/plastic dinosaur or animal to make room for a succulent or air plant. I used a sharp knife to cut the starting slit and finished with scissors.

Step 2) Spray paint the animals any color you like! I love a good gold accent, and happened to have some still on hand.

Step 3) Fill the centers with your desired plant!

Now, I have not yet tested how long the plant can survive inside, so I will update on that in a few weeks. Use it in a children’s bedroom, on your office desk, or on a bedside table to change up the decor in a fun way. Here are a few examples…



Let me know if you give it a try! I would love to see how you use them. These planters would also be a really easy party favor for a smaller crowd.

I’ll work on more ways to change up your space on a larger scale on a low budget, but for now, hope you enjoy the glam dinos. (wink)

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