DIY Terrariums.

June 3, 2017


I have moved these around the house 5 times already because I want them in every room! It brings in a splash of plant life in a decorative way. Read on for the easy how-to for these DIY terrariums that come out to only about $7 each!



  1. Glass canisters with lids (found the most affordable ones at Hobby Lobby for %50 off)
  2. Mini succulents or cactus plants (ones that don’t require much water) 
  3. Small sized pebbles – white or earth tones (Found these at Hobby Lobby)



  1. Remove the cork or wood lid from canister which you can set terrariums on like a stand.
  2. Insert your small plant with soil still attached (you only need enough soil to cover roots) in the bottom of your canister.
  3. Surround the plant with handfuls of pebbles.

That’s it! If you make a whole set they come out to about $4-$7 each. Three packs of pebbles was all we needed to fill these. Depending on the plant you will probably only need to add a little water once a week. The cactus could go about a month without! There are several ways you could use a set of terrariums. Wedding table centerpieces, dining table centerpieces, outdoor spaces, shelf styling, etc. OR use them as gifts! Let me know if you give these a try, would love to see how they turn out!


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