Merry Christmas to you and yours!

December 23, 2018

Before we sign off for Christmas, we wanted to wish you and yours a Christmas and Holiday full of love and joy! Here is a little glimpse at our crew at the end of 2018…








Gabriel Joseph – 9 yrs old. Our old soul who loves to draw, build, create, and bird watch. He melts over his littlest sister and brother, and reminds his mother what time it is at all hours of the day. Always has compassion for every person in need.

Veronica Rose – 7 yrs old. Wants to be in the nutcracker someday. Currently loves to make outfits for her American Girl Doll Felicity. She is a friend to all. Loves having a mini me who follows her around everywhere.

Maximilian Francis
– 5 yrs old and as curious as ever. Constantly constructing all kinds of inventions out of boxes and legos. Loves to paint pictures for his mom and dad, and leave them hidden around the house. Always bringing the humor to all situations.

Rocco Samuel – Our music man who lives for music, singing, and dancing. Mischief maker who continuously places the blame on his willing accomplice Zel. Smothers his mother with hugs and kisses on a daily basis, and thinks his dad can fix anything.

Azelie Jane – The queen bee of the household who can sass you into place from her short 3 ft. frame. Always wearing a “fah-rina” (ballerina) costume. Will give you a kiss for snacks, and believes she is 12. Wants to be Veronica when she grows up.

Gabe and Anna
– Perpetual students in the school of parenthood and marriage, and grateful for the opportunity to grow and become in the process. Wondering how in the world we have 5 children. Dreaming up ideas for our home and the people who live in it.


Thank you so much for being a part of IHOD. You make this place feel more like a community for us, and we are grateful for you. We have loved hearing from you from all parts of the world, and it encourages us along the way. Merriest Christmas wishes to you all!



“Rest happy as only children can be happy in the days before Christmas. Rest happy and love this story of a coming King who prepares the downtrodden for Christmas by becoming the Way, who lays Himself down in the creche, on the Cross, so we can lie down and rest. You are unconditionally accepted and unbelievably wanted because you don’t merely know of Him; you are related to Him by blood. He comes for you in the wilderness. You are most prepared for Christmas when you are done trying to make your performance into the gift, and instead revel in His presence as the gift.” – Ann Voskamp, 1000 Gifts 

Thank you to Chelsey Heidorn for always managing to capture the best moments despite the crazy crew!

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