Kids’ Closet Storage Ideas

July 10, 2019

Custom kids closet idea via A Beautiful Mess

With a new baby on the way, a domino effect of shifting rooms and closets has commenced! Our bedroom closets are pretty simple in size, but I think they could be used more efficiently with a few changes. If you follow us on instagram you can check out instagram stories all week for the step by step process of our girls’ closet makeover! In the meantime, here are a few kids’ closet storage ideas that may come in handy for you, as well as some before pics.

Before we started the clean out!
Removed shelves. Both sides have some depth to work with.

Here is the situation we were dealing with when we started. If you are a parent, you know how easy it is for closets to become cluttered with kids since they are still learning how to pick up after themselves! I am still hoping my daughter will magically wake up one day, and all of my years worth of reminders to pick up her clothes will suddenly click. I can hope, right?? Until then, I know it really helps to have a designated place for everything. We keep toys very minimal so if it starts to get excessive we donate what we are no longer using frequently. (A Closet Detox guide I reference often!) I am moving Azelie into this closet as well so we had to get creative with storage solutions!

via Yellow Brick Home

Once you have decluttered, it makes it much easier to organize! I have always used dressers in our more shallow closets like this sweet nursery closet by Yellow Brick Home. It makes a good use of space for the lower areas you aren’t using below the hanging clothes. I just picked up a shoe bin from IKEA since it is more shallow in depth as well that can be a good way to keep track of little shoes!

(You can just click on any of the bins or baskets to be taken right to the product page.)

After removing all of the wire racks from the girls’ closet, Gabe will be adding in a few custom wood shelves. However, if you don’t want to go the custom shelf route, measuring your space and finding cabinets are a great alternative. We are building this cabinet as a dresser to slide into one of the pocket side spaces of the closet since it is more cost and time efficient than custom drawers!

Deciding on bins and storage was a lot easier after knowing exact height and width of the shelves they would be used for. I find good options usually at Target, World Market, and Antique stores. Stackable bins can be a lifesaver as well. Above are a few I grabbed for the girls’ closet as well as some I considered! They can make all the difference for organizing Toy sets, legos, craft kits, socks, shoes, accessories, doll clothes or doll house items, planes and cars, etc. It makes it easier for the kids to practice the habit of picking up after themselves.

via Sarah Sherman Samuel
via Burts Bris

These were a few more closet images that really kicked me in the pants, and made me want to get the job done! I have always admired the work of Sarah Sherman Samuel and the simplicity of Burts Bris instagram.

Current situation – Wall spackling all of the holes from removing wire shelves.

We are currently patching walls and sorting clothes, and assembling dresser/cabinets! I hope sharing the process can help you think through your own spaces. It is rarely an overnight effort so no telling when we will finish, but stay tuned.

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