Tried and True Newborn Favorites

September 5, 2019

There were so many things I thought I needed with my first baby, and we registered for all the gear! There seem to be so many bells and whistles in the baby department these days, but the newborn phase goes so quickly, and after 5 babies, this is what I have narrowed it down to actually using and needing in those first few months….

1. Puj Baby Sink Bath – We have a large tub in our bathroom which can be hard to lean over and bathe a newborn in so I LOVED the Puj Baby compact bath sink insert for baby baths. So easy to use and allows you to appreciate all the baby rolls on your baby up close;)

2. Onesies – These 3 pack organic cotton onesies are a great option for under sleepers and sweaters, and I love the side snap onesies too!

3. Baby bassinet + rocker – I always keep my babies in my room for the first 5ish months, and there are so many options for good bassinets, but I just didn’t find the price tag necessary for the short amount of time they sleep in them! This baby bassinet did great for my last few babes. The rocker has been great as well.

4. Bottles – I have tried many, but a few my babies have loved are the Munchkin latch, Life Factory glass bottles, flipsi, and Nanobe. I introduce my babies to a bottle in the first week, as a safety back up if I am not able to breastfeed them. I learned the hard way that they will refuse the bottle if you wait to long to get them familiar with it! These are all options that have worked really well for us.

5. Sleepers and knotted gowns – When you are changing 8 diapers a day as newborns, you want it to be as easy as possible. Knotted sleep gowns are where it’s at! (So easy for night time especially.) I also love footed pajamas and sets that offer the mitted hands to prevent the baby from scratching their little faces. Solly Baby are soft and durable and have both the footies and the hand mitts. Loved Baby’s are super thick and good quality. You can also grab some affordable ones from consignment shops. Babies go through a lot of laundry those first few months, so I just rotate these!

6. Pacifiers – There are so many options, and sometimes it’s trial and error which your baby will take. The hospital provides a few you can try first. UPDATE: Currently using Bibs pacifiers as they were the only one Chaira liked!

7. Sound Machine – Our house is a noisy one, so this is a lifesaver! I love the Hatch Baby one because you can control it through your phone. It also includes a timed night light. We tried a couple of $20 ones that didn’t last longer than a few months! Again, not a neccessary item but a helpful one that can also work for toddlers who are sleep training.

8. Swaddles – I have an addiction to baby swaddles. My very favorites are the muslin ones from Little Unicorn because they are the perfect size! Also really love Rylee and Cru and these simple muslin swaddles.

9. Burp Cloths – I love these muslin burp cloths that absorb well!

10. Baby slings – I like to baby wear the first few months to help regulate heartbeat, increase oxytocin levels for both the baby and I, and for bonding time! I wear my Solly Baby Wrap the most the first few months, followed by the Wild Bird sling for when they are a little older. They are both so well made, and they have so many fun print options now.

11. Snuggle Me Organic – I have heard so many good things about these, so I got one for half price off of FB marketplace! UPDATE: Chiara loves to be held and this keeps her feeling snug when I need free hands during the day. She loves it.

12. Baby Balm + Baby Wash – This baby balm is my number one fave for dry skin, eczema, chapped skin, etc. It works wonders. I also really love the baby oil for cradle cap, baby massage oil, and dry skin. There are some really good brands for safe baby washes and shampoos now as well. Tubby Todd is fantastic.

Azelie is convinced she will be taking full care of the baby...

13. Diaper Cream – I’ve tried them all. I swear by Boudreux’s! It has healed the worst rashes overnight for my babies.

14. Baby Towels – Just a few soft muslin towels do the trick!

15. ThermometerDigital ear/forehead thermometers make taking temps quick and painless for the baby. I had the standard digital ones for years but they do always make the baby uncomfortable so excited to have this one on hand.

16. Boppy Pillow – These really help with back support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I’ve had mine since my first baby! You could also use pillows though as props if needed.

17. Video monitor – Not totally necessary, but really nice to have! It puts you at ease to see your baby and know they are still moving and breathing;) This one is similar to the one I use and it has good ratings.

Newborn essentials - IHOD
Clay rainbow – Her Name is Mud, Swaddles by Little Unicorn and Rylee and Cru, Baby wraps by Solly Baby and Wild Bird, and Sleepers by Solly Baby

What would you add to the essentials list? I always love hearing everyone’s favorites. All of these little mini items have been giving me so much anxious anticipation for this baby! I was hoping to reach at least 38 weeks, so now that we are here I can breath easy and feel confident heading into this labor. I hope this round up is helpful for all of you new mamas!

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  • Bethany Loosbrock

    I agree with all of your picks! I would add, nursing cover up if you are breastfeeding and baby towels are just nice to have with such little bodies.

  • Mary E Grabosky

    The wraps you mentioned are they light weight? I had a money for my older kids and I never used it because the material was so heavy.

  • This is a great list! I would also add a baby bath support – we have a mesh one that baby can sit in in the regular bath.

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Ah yes!! Forgot to add my Puj Baby sink insert I use for newborn baths! Good call!

  • I totally agree with the idea that you do t need much. Your list is perfect.

    I was appalled when I was pregnant with my first and went to a dreaded baby store to register for our baby shower. I handed the scanner back to the lady who worked there with 18 items on it. She says, “how many people will be at your shower? You should have 5 items per person attending!”

    WHAT? Who wants all of that stuff?!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      What?! That is excessive. Keeping things minimal helps me overall feel less overwhelmed and mentally cluttered postpartum as well!

  • I couldn’t find the link to your organic cotton onesies (#2)… can you share? Thanks!

  • Nicole McKee

    Your post came at the perfect time! I am just now in the process of putting together my own baby registry, and your recommendations have made it to it! I’m pretty sure I can totally trust recommendations from an amazing mom of (soon to be) 6! 🙂

  • Cara Carlson

    I swear by my baby manicure kit. It sounds silly but I so prefer to grind down baby’s nails over clipping; so I don’t nick baby.

  • This is SO incredibly helpful. Makes everything feel less overwhelming. Question: who do you recommend for a high chair or eating chair after 6 mo. And who do you recommend for car seat?

    I’m so thankful for your honesty & simplicity. ❤️

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