Why we are moving to Nashville.

March 1, 2020

We were waiting on the confirmation of a few things before being able to share where we are headed, but we got the green light and can now share a little more of the where and why behind this move. Nashville, TN here we come!

We have actually wanted to move to Nashville for a long time now, and Gabe even interviewed for a job there 5 years ago before we heard my parents were moving back to Atlanta. We decided to stay put because we had waited so long to live near family and that was finally coming true. It has been so wonderful living close to them, and that is the most painful part of leaving. My parents and siblings mean so much to us. So why now is the question?

Gabriel starts middle school next year. ( I AM IN DENIAL.) We were already at a crossroads since he is going to have to start at a new school regardless of if we moved or not. We really loved the teachers and experience at our local K-5th grade public school this year, and have been so grateful for their time there. 

We don’t have many options around us unfortunately for middle and high schools, and we have been really hoping for a school all 5 of them could attend next year. We have also been craving a community we can plant roots in long term. We have always felt more connected to Nashville (I grew up visiting every summer), than here since it is a smaller city than Atlanta. As much as we wanted to make it work where extended family is, we are seeing how much peers, school, and day to day logistics is what has to take priority and focus at this time in our lives. When we tried to envision that next 5 or even 10 years, Nashville felt right.

We visited a school and area of Nashville we really felt peaceful about, and are excited to plant some roots there. In the school we could sense the family culture and team spirit there, and it is worth the sacrifice of our comfort zone to make that happen for our family. It is only a short 4 hours from Atlanta so we can still make weekend visits to visit my parents and brothers and sisters thankfully. I have a sister who lives in the Nashville area as well which is a big bonus considering our kids are similar ages. 

We are prepping our house to sell, and starting our home search. The market in Nashville is a little crazy, but we are putting our trust in God, as He has always provided in the ways we need (even if that looks differently than we imagine). There are so many things that have to happen from now till June when we plan to move, so we are putting on our helmets and preparing as best we can for the ride!

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  • Ahhh congrats! I’m also moving to Nashville this summer, but from up near Boston! This is so exciting, I definitely agree with the community you talk about, so excited to become a part of it.

  • Stephanie Magnan

    So thrilled for you guys, but so sad you’ll be leaving Atlanta! Hopeful we will have a chance to meet someday!

    • Thank you Stephanie! Really hoping we can do a local meet up before we move!

      • Stephanie

        Yes!! I’m “in like gin”! 😉
        Happy to help coordinate if that helps take a load off your plate since I know you wanted to do something with a few local moms here.

  • Carrie Budzinski

    Exciting! Nashville is one of the few travel destinations I’ve been to and really enjoyed it. It’s nice your sister is there too. Good luck on finding your new house, I know you guys will have no problem making it a great home.

  • Ashley Smith

    How exciting Anna! Gabe’s little sister just took her first job out of nursing school there a few years ago and loves it. Gabe and I were just talking about how we were preparing for moving at this mark (3 years) when we lived in MN. For so long it was all about organizing, decluttering, and working on moving details. Theo was just 6ish months when we started that whole process and I remember how much work it is! Know I’ve been praying since I heard about your move and yes, God will lead and provide because He’s a good good Father like that and cares about the details of our lives. So excited for you!

    • Thank you so much Ashley. It is a good time for us to go minimal! I swore I never wanted to move again last time and here we are. ha!

  • Wow! Good for you guys for going for it! We also did a move, 18 months ago, to a city we felt was more “us” (we left Canada’s largest city, Toronto, where we had lived 12+ years and our three kids were born). Our youngest was a few days old when we moved. Our oldest was in Kindergarten, so we thought it’d be a good time. I wish I could tell you it was the right choice but I miss “home” every day. There are many pros and cons however, and overall I don’t regret we went for it. Best wishes – thank you for letting us track along!

    • Change is always hard for me. I have a feeling it will be a hard adjustment year. Hoping in time though we will feel at home! It feels like a jump, but thankfully still close enough to home where we can see my family. I think it would be too hard otherwise!

  • So exciting! I’ve lived in Nashville my whole life. My husbands and our 3 kids still love it, as it has grown so much!! You will love it here, I’m sure!

    • Thank you Jenni! We were hesitant for a while with how fast it is growing, but hopefully we will find a good neighborhood and be able to stay within our community and avoid all the traffic;)

  • I had this crazy feeling it was going to be nashville. My family moved here when I was 11, it was a hard adjustment but the best decision. I’ve been in the surround area ever since. If you want any help with churches, restaurants,etc please feel free to reach out and welcome!

  • So happy for you guys! Nashville seems like such a great place! I’m so excited to see what’s in store for you!


  • Katherine

    Wow, how exciting! We live in the Nashville area right now. We live in Thompsons Station to be specific, and our house is for sale right now because we are transferring back to the Washington DC area for new positions (Fed Gov’t). There are some wonderful schools in Williamson County, and a brand new middle and elementary school very close to our subdivision.Our neighbors who have children attending there seem to really like it. We are empty nesters. 🙂 I wish you the best on your house hunting and new move to Nashville. It is a wonderful place to live. We have really enjoyed our time here!

  • Elizabeth

    So excited for your family. I was born, raised, and still live in Nashville with my family so I was rooting for y’all to move here! I grew up in west Nashville and went to St. Henry’s for K-8. What part of the city is your family looking to move to?

  • Maria Smith

    Hello Anna! Wow, I didn’t know that you had moved! I couldn’t wait to see Max’s smiling face! Please give him a big hug from me! May God bless your new adventure and new precious baby! I look forward to your blog updates! Take care!

  • Judy Ludden

    Congratulations on the baby news! Prayers heading your way!!! We visited Nashville 3 years ago for the first time and loved it! If you get a chance please visit the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. They were there building during the Civil War! Wonderful Sisters and they will melt when they meet you and your beautiful children!!

    All the best in 2021.
    Judy Ludden

    We just had our 4th baby on January 2nd. Everyone teased us having a pandemic baby, we didn’t mind 🥰 we feel sooo blessed! I’m already 42 and have suffered secondary infertility and PCOS. All out pregnancy were surprise from our Lord! All in His time, we just kept on trusting. God bless you

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