Kids fall capsule + back to school picks.

September 28, 2020

girls capsule wardrobe

Now that we have six kiddos, I have come to really appreciate simplicity in all areas of the home….including laundry and kids clothes! I buy most of my kids’ clothes at consignment shops or second hand apps. I save the gently used for hand me downs, and the rest I usually purchase at old navy, hm, zara, or a few favorite small shops I like to support. I am showing an example below of how I approach capsule wardrobes for my girls. Everything mix or matches well so that they can get themselves dressed and ready easily. This also keeps the overwhelming amount of laundry from piling up.

Girls Capsule Part 1 – Dresses, Sweaters and Tees:

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(I always wait for sales at Old Navy and HM!)

Girls Capsule Part 2 – Pants, Skirts, Shoes, and Acessories:

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Back to school favorites:

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten // Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen // Fourteen

I know everyone is in different school scenarios this year whether that is distance learning, homeschooling, or back to school with masks. It’s been an interesting transition for my own kids with a new state, school, and trying to get to know teachers and friends in unusual circumstances. They seem to be much braver than I. Very grateful they have had a good experience all around, and there have been zero covid cases at the school after a few months in session.

I wanted to go ahead and share the things we use and love because I have seen how much my kids cling to simple familiar routines like packing their own lunch box. (Praise!) These Bentgo boxes are what we use daily around here. The bento boxes are fantastic. They are stackable, easy to wash, and can fit easily inside the insulated lunch boxes. They gave me a discount code for you as well! ‘IHOD15’ for 15% off sitewide.

I always prefer the Camelbak water bottles because they rarely spill, and are dishwasher safe + easy to clean. They come in different sizes as well. This one is on sale for $5 right now. Now to figure out how to prevent the kids from losing them frequently! (Going to try backback hooks or straps.)

Hope this is helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions about capsule wardrobe life!

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  • How do you deal with past seasons and outgrown clothes? Do you buy a new wardrobe for everyone even if you have hogpog hand-me-downs you have stored? Do you set a price limit on each kid per season?

    • Great questions! I always work with hand me downs first and assess what I need. I do have to buy new seasons of clothes for my oldest boy and girl though so I check consignment shops first and buy the rest at above mentioned stores. I don’t like to spend much knowing how fast they grow and how hard they wear them! I rarely will spend more than $15 on an item unless it’s a special occasion like a Christmas dress:) I donate or pass along other unused items to my sisters!

  • I’m pretty sure you were the one to inspire me to do this. It has been a game changer this year with six! Our kiddos are home for school and it’s a nice perk to see them not all clashing or miss matching their own outfits because heaven knows I don’t have time to be helping with outfit choices! Ha!
    I too have tried to save just the save worthy clothes but it’s getting to be a lot! Do you have a system or an amount you try and keep the saving to? After going up to our attic today I’ve come to the conclusion the saving of clothes needs it’s own simplicity makeover in this house! 🙃

    • I’m so glad it is working for you! I ran into the same problem with storage and during the move I decided not to hold onto things we wouldn’t be using in the next year (I had saved some girls clothes from Veronica that was going on 5 yrs. ha!) I only hold onto the items that are in great shape and that I know will be used by the next kiddo. Otherwise I am giving to people who can use it knowing what goes around comes around:)

  • This was super helpful for me as I plan my girl’s wardrobe for the fall. Are you planning on doing a version for boys clothes? I would love to see that too!!

  • We are moving soon and I’ve realized in the process of packing that I really need to simplify my kids wardrobes. Thanks for sharing your ideas!! Care to share your secondhand/consignment apps? Thank you!!

  • I just adore these capsules! Do you do something similar for your boys – if so can you share 🙂

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