Veronica Rose: 1 Year

April 17, 2012

We celebrated Veronica Rose’s 1st Birthday over the weekend, and when your baby turns one, the whole year flashes before you. You can never turn back time, and the most you can do is try your best to soak up the fleeting moments…
We thought she might get a head of hair for her first birthday….maybe for her 2nd birthday;)
Gabe and I can’t get over how much love Gabriel and Veronica have for each other. One of our favorite aspects of seeing them grow together…
She has got the words mama, dada, and apple down. The world of vocabulary awaits her.
Can’t get enough of this plum cheek’s smile, and I sure hope and pray that her sweet disposition lasts through this next year:)
So bittersweet to see them grow up.
We love you so dearly Veronica Rose!

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